MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
MDS is a blood cancer
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Season 1: Episode 1:

TP53 Mutations: Were They Born Equal?

Moshe Mittelman, MD
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Our host, Professor Moshe Mittelman from Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, will review four recent studies on TP53 and MDS.

  • Bernard E et al: In the first presented study, Dr. Elza Bernard and colleagues deliver an important lesson about the high-risk mutation TP53. That is: not all of them are infeed associated with poor prognosis.
  • Sallman DA et al:A recent study led by Dr. David Sallman tested the efficacy of the combination azacitidine and eprenetapopt (formerly APR-246), a TP53-Mutant activator, in patients with higher-risk MDS.
  • Goll JB et al:One of the more interesting presentations in the last ASH 2020, was that of Dr. Yohannes Goll and others. They showed that adding molecular analysis they can improve the diagnostic accuracy. Indeed 7 genes significantly reduced pathological misclassification.
  • Platzbecker U et al:A group of international investigators, led by Dr. Uwe Platzbecker, from Leipzig, reported in last ASH (2020) their encouraging experience with imetelstat, a telomerase-inhibitor to improve anemia in lower-risk MDS patients after ESA failure.




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