MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
Finances and Insurance

Living with any illness and its treatment, including MDS, can place a financial burden on you and your family.  There are several resources that may be useful in seeking assistance with financial concerns you may have.

The first step is to ask members of your health care team who you can talk to about your financial concerns.  There may be a financial counselor or social worker that can assist you.  Financial counselors work directly with your providers and your insurance company to obtain authorization for treatments, procedures or certain tests.  If you need treatment, the Financial Counselor can discuss your anticipated cost of the treatment prescribed by your provider A social worker can often identify services and resources within your community to help with transportation, disability or Medicaid enrollment, home care, and other needs.

Drug assistance programs

Many of the pharmaceutical companies sponsor drug assistance programs.    These programs aim to provide medications used to treat your MDS at a reduced fee, or in some cases for free.  This is generally based on financial need.  Check with your pharmacist or health care team for the availability of these programs.

General finances

We encourage you to speak to an advisor at your bank and your certified public accountant about things you can do to manage your finances and avoid any penalties.

Additional Financial Resources:

Chronic Disease Fund: 877-968-7233

Aid to underinsured patients who are diagnosed with chronic or life-altering diseases.

Health Well Foundation 800-675-8416

This charitable organization offers co-pay assistance for MDS medications.

National Organization for Rare Diseases Medication Assistance Program

800-999-6673 or 203-744-0100

Partnership for Prescription Assistance 888-4PPA-NOW (888-477-2669)

Prescription assistance programs, often sponsored by drug makers, to help patients who qualify based on financial need. Search this website for a comprehensive listing of more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs including nearly 200 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Patient Access Network Foundation 866-316-PANF (866-316-7263)

This foundation assists patients with their coinsurance associated with MDS treatments/medications.
Patient Advocate Foundation 800-532-5274

This program provides direct copayment assistance for pharmaceutical products to insured Americans who financially and medically qualify.

Patient Services, Inc. 800-366-7741

A nonprofit charitable organization primarily dedicated to subsidizing the high cost of health insurance premiums and pharmacy copayments for persons with specific chronic illnesses and rare disorders.

Additional Resources: Financial Considerations

American Cancer Society: Understanding Health Insurance

American Cancer Society: Understanding Financial and Legal Matters

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