MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
Home Management

Living each day in health or faced with the challenge of illness requires organization and planning. When faced with illness or other unexpected events, it is even more important to organize your resources.    MDS Manager can help you organize your resources.  You can enter any member of your team into your contacts, including caregiver, family, friends, and other contacts.  You can also organize your insurance information and any advanced directives.   This will help you to keep your resources at your fingertips.

  1. We encourage you to build a support team.

    1. This can include family, friends, and community resources as well as resources suggested to you by your health care team or those included in MDS Manager.
    2. Consider using online care organization services like
      Lotsa Helpings Hands
      A Painless Way to Organize Help

  2. Make a list of all your service providers such as phone, internet, water, electricity, gas, waste management and any other individuals that provide you with services. If you are experiencing financial difficulties or having trouble managing your bills, this will help you to get in touch with them to alert them to your situation.

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