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    Maureen Van Winkle

    How is Vidaza administered? My husband has MDS and I’m wondering if he’s been given this without realizing it. I don’t think so, but it’s hard to remember all the drug names, etc.



    I keep a record of all drugs on a matrix to remember. Also, a list of all procedures done. It helps to keep track and be able to tell different docs and nurses what is going on.


    Cecile Huston

    I have been on vidaza since June 2017, the 1st 7 which I get every 28 days were done as a shot in the stomach or arm, my skin broke out so badly that since that time it is given thru my port. I also am doing a clinical trial twice in the same 28 day cycle, I today had my 72nd treatment, it is keeping me alive, I also have a bone marrow biopsy every 3 months. My white cell and platelets still are almost always below normal but I am able to do most everything I did before but slower, although I just had a sinus infection followed by bronchitis which had me on antibotics again.


    Charles Hall

    I’ll be starting vidaza on Monday for 5 days M-F then repeat in 3 weeks


    Charles Hall

    I was dx about 4 yrs ago. Started procrit every other week at 10,000 units. I now self inject 5,000 units 3 day a week. If I go above 10,000 at one time my BP goes up like a rocket. It went as high as 220/110 and I had what is called an eye stroke. So the lower self administered dose was the solution for me. MDS is a strange disease. I was using price If to control hgb worked fine but recently it started going higher >11 and my platelets began decreasing. Presently I no longer do procrit but need platelet xfusion of 2 units once a week. Today’s hgb was 10.8 and if it drops to 10.7 I’ll restart the procrit.
    I’m hoping I see an improvement with vidaza on all blood counts

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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