Carlos Palacio1959 - 2019

Carlos's Story

Carlos was born half Colombian and half Kentuckian. He was good natured, bilingual, and went to visit Colombia and family every few years. He was full of spirit and a hard worked. He loved to paint in his small business and see the finished product of his hard work. He also worked for General Motors at the Fort Wayne Plant location making trucks. He was appreciative of the job and didn’t like complainers. He would make suggestions for improving work flow and received a few small gifts in return. He had a happy spirit, lots of friends and enjoyed helping people. He was also the type of person, that when he accepted his death, we knew God wanted him; because MDS is a tough one to beat and he fought hard.

He changed the Earth with his presence here, and now it was time for him to paint and prepare beautiful rooms for others in heaven. His Faith was strong, and everyone loved him. I miss him dearly, but know I will see him again when the Lord calls me. Mi amor Carlitos.