Deborah Messer1953 - 2020

Deborah's Story

My dear Debbie left this world on Saturday, August 22 2020 in Petoskey, Michigan at McLaren hospital with me by her side. Debbie and I were fortunate enough to share many wonderful years together, but all the same, I feel as though I would do anything to be able to have more time with her.

Sometimes it seems as though we had always known one another, maybe because we were together for 48 years. But in fact, we met when we were both taking the same college class together at DCB, when I was working on my BS Degree and she was working on her associates degree.

The day I saw her walk into the class room I knew I had to meet her. Yes, she was beautiful, but there was something about her smile and her mannerism that attracted me to her like no one else ever did. I think that I really did fall in love with her that day. And over the years I found out how special, amazing and wonderful she truly was.

Debbie was successful in all things she did. After moving up north she went on to be a legal secretary and assistant to Judge Barbara B Mackenzie in the Court of Appeals for over 20 years. She loved nature and enjoyed hiking. She became a really good nature photographer. Debbie and one of the college professors from North Central Michigan College

were official Frog counters for the DNR with the state of Michigan. They counted frogs by the sounds the frogs made during mating season. This was only one of many ways Debbie was always trying to improve the environment and helping nature. As I said Debbie was amazing.

Debbie was also an accomplished environmentalist. She worked tirelessly to improve the environment and worked with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed council and many other nature organizations to help the cause. She worked 8 to 9 hours at her job everyday, then after work she would work one of her environmental projects.

The most amazing thing to me about Debbie was after working at a job and putting hours in on the many environmental projects she was working on, she would come home to me and show me how much she loved me. In all the years we were together I never once felt neglected, or unloved. She was simply amazing.

Debbie did so much for so many and she will missed but never forgotten. Debbie was known to be a strong woman and hero to many. She was a hero to me. But mostly she was My loving, lovely, amazing wife of 48 years. She brought endless joy, happiness and rainbows into my life. Debbie was the love of my life and I was truly blessed to have her in my life for 48 wonderful years.

She had other interests including music. She played the Piano and had a pretty good singing voice. Before she became ill from MDS she enjoyed Gardening, planting flowers, and improving wildlife habitat.

Along the way, she was a loving and devoted wife, who seemed to always have time to think about me. She will be remembered for her curiosity, her compassion, and her smiles.

I guess you could say to most people her lasting legacy will be her incredible body of environmental work she did. But to me it will always be all the wonderful unconditional love she gave to me, along with the endless joy, happiness she brought into my life.

I would like to thank Debbie for so many wonderful years together, and I would like to thank a small group friends who helped give me strength and comfort during these most difficult days. And special thanks to Debbie’s sister, Faith and Debbie’s brother Terry for allowing me to cry and weep on their shoulders for a number of days. I will forever be thankful for all of your love and understanding. Debbie’s spirit was a part of you and will always be so.

Debbie, this is not a goodbye, my love. This is a thank you for coming into my life and giving me such joy and happiness. Thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Honey, you have no idea of the amount of happiness you brought into my life.

For all 48 years you lifted me up, comforted me and brought endless joy to my soul. Everyday you put a smile on my face and I was blessed to see your lovely smile everyday for almost a halve a century. I am deeply thankful to you, my lovely wife and I know how blessed I was to have you for all those years. For you were an amazing, special. Unique and lovely woman.

My life was full of magical moments because of you. Honey, you were the reason why my world was at peace. Now that you are gone all I have are memories of you and us together.

But what memories they are, my memories of you are like bright, shiny stars, blazing comets and supernovas. They light up my life in times of darkness. Thank you for bringing so much sparkle into my life. Thank you for being you. I will never stop loving and needing you.

I Love You.