Douglas Anderson1955 - 2020

Douglas' Story

Douglas Milo Anderson was born at LA County General Hospital and adopted at 6 days old by Milo and Dorothy Anderson who lovingly raised him and taught him love, integrity, motivation and how to serve the public with respect and dignity. Doug made this his life mission as he worked with Robin Anderson, their sons Milo and Noah and grandchildren Andre, Alma and Nova along with his 2 daughters Angela and Mabel. Doug also was dedicated to his Life Partner of 30 plus years, Nicholas Rocca and created a legacy of unconditional love, health, wealth, harmony, eternal energy, infinite intelligence and a Christ Centered Spirituality that was inclusive of All Faiths and Denominations with a deep appreciation of the Judeo-Christian traditions as well as other comparative religions.

Doug inspired his family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances through his actions and leadership along with his loyalty and compassion. Doug was a loving man who devoted his life to his family, his life partner and everyone whom he met. He had much wisdom and insight which he used to teach, inspire, motivate and achieve excellence in his ambitions, responsibilities, goals and successes. He was perpetually optimistic even when confronting MDS during 2020.

Doug demonstrated an intensity, tenacity, boldness, strength and curiosity in all areas of his life. He was continuously motivated to learn and to master a depth of knowledge about his subjects of interest including comparative religious studies, metaphysics, philosophy, spirituality, science, technology, artificial intelligence, medical and health care advances and the unfolding and expanding universe through astronomy and space exploration by NASA, SpaceX and others.

Douglas was an exceedingly GENEROUS, caring, kind hearted, dedicated, reliable, ambitious, determined, intelligent and loving person with a robust brilliant smile, a powerfully spontaneous contagious laughter, an engaging and unforgettable speaking voice and an intense Love of Life. His presence would light up the house with brilliance, energy, enthusiasm and intensity.

Doug was a natural leader, mentor, teacher, trainer, father and logistics expert.

He will be forever appreciated and acknowledged for the many Blessings that he brought into this world and his memory shall live on in the hearts of his loved ones and everyone whose life he positively impacted.

This Memorial Wall and Memorial Fund is being established to assist others in needs of support and assistance as they deal with embracing and seeking support through the MDS Foundation’s goals and mission.