Martin Torres Jr9/1/61 to 2/2/2021

Martin's Story

My Dad, Marty, got Diagnosed with MDS in April 2020. Several times a week he would get blood transfusions. In September 2020 doctors believed he would be a candidate for a stem cell replacement because he began to develop preleukemia. He went through several doses of Chemo Therapy in the best Hospital in All of Texas, Methodist. It was during COVID-19 pandemic so no one was allowed with him but 1 person…my mother stayed In the hospital daily with him from September 2020 to the end of January 2021. He was released from the hospital to see if he could replenish his white blood cells. Unfortunately, he never could and his body could no longer fight the battle. My Dad had the biggest heart and a beautiful soul. He was such a soldier and he never let us know how sick he really was. Prayers for all those who continue to battle MDS. May God give you strength always…