Patricia Agresta1942 - 2016

Patricia's Story

My Wife, My Love

Love comes from the heart and no one better than Patty showed that love to me the beginning of our relationship. Pat and I were married for a glorious 53 years. We were together for 60 years. Our first date was in 8th grade grammer school.

She was truly sent to me by God. I am truly blessed. We had a wonderful life together.

Pat was my angel. She was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. She took care of me and our family. Pat ran every aspect of our household. She never wanted anything in return. What we gave her in return was our undying love.

Throughout our many years together, we were true soul mates and partners. Our love and respect for each other got stronger with each passing year. We never argued. We always compromised and agreed with each other no matter what the subject. In essence, we were still on our honeymoon for all these years.

Pat fought a courageous battle for over two years without complaint. She was so well liked by her caregivers. Nurses in the hospital would visit and pray for her. They became her friends in a time of need. We stayed at Hope Lodge in NYC. We had to take a cab back and forth to Mt Sinai Hospital. Pat had such a presence about her that the cabbies did not want to take their cab fare, rather they offered to pray for Pat instead.

She was a true champion amoung champions.

Pat was loved by all those around her and they loved her. Friends and family alike.

On my 75th Birthday, Pat wrote me a note that I would like to share with you:
“Happy 75th Birthday my love. I cannot imagine my world without you. I hope your birthday makes you feel as special as you are. Your love holds me together. God blessed us with a love that lasts a lifetime. Your care for me is above & beyond. I could not go thru this without you at my side. The day I fell in love with you was the best day of my life. I love you with all my heart.

Pat and I had an unconditional love. We were inseparable. A part of me has left this earth with her. I will miss her every day of my life. My love for Pat is unmeasurable. It will never die.

Love you Patty, with all my heart and soul.