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    I lost my wife Kelly to MDS. I still read this board daily and share in your triumphs and losses. Although I don’t post much, believe me, I think of you all daily and wish you all the best in your journeys……


    al’s wife


    I know how fast that year has gone. It’ll be 1 year on 5/7 that I lost my husband. He was 59 and had battled AML for 17 months. I, too, check this forum every day and am amazed at the strength, courage and endurance everyone possesses.



    Butch & Lynn,

    My deepest sympathy to both of you. My dad was diagnosed with MDS in Jan. 06. He had his second bone marrow biopsy yesterday and we will get the results next Monday. The doctor thinks that it has probably progressed to AML. I am terrified, but everytime I visit this board, I leave feeling a little better. I want my dad to live to be 100. This has been a kick in the gut for me. I’m not sure that I will have the strength to bear it. God bless you both. I will keep you in my prayers.



    Butch and Lynn,

    I cannot in a million years imagine losing my spouse. But my mom lost my dad when he was 42 and I was 11 so I remember how it was for her being so young with children at home. It is only time that seems to make things less painful. I am sorry for your losses….

    take care,



    I think of you often, I am very sad for your loss… I too have a loss that is very new so I haven’t been on line in such a long time… Scott passed away April 13th… he was only 44yrs old and we have an 11yr old at home… it was only 1 year… he was doing so good until the last weeks…
    hope you are doing well… di

    Kathy G

    Sadly I was thinking the other day of how many we’ve lost on this board in the time I’ve been reading. It’s heartwarming to see the encouragement that is shared even through the pain we endure. My Dad has been gone since Dec 20th and I’m still trying to come to gripes with it. I still check the board daily and pray for strength for those still fighting this disease.

    Kathy G


    BUTCH *HUGS!* Take care of yourself.
    Di/Scott’s wife… I wondered how Scott was doing. I hoped we would hear good news. I am SO sorry. Please call my mom to chat if you want, when you’re ready. We’ve been through everything you’re feeling.
    To everyone else, I read the board almost daily to see how you’re all doing. I’m sorry about the struggles you’re having and I rejoice when I hear good news. I hope to hear more and more good news.


    I too check the posts daily, this forum has been such an important source of strength for me since my husband, Charlie was dx’d Dec 2001. I do not post now very often, the loss is so very hard. I continue to take things one day at a time and just praying through this. Some days better than others. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for strength for us all.
    Hugs to all,


    I too check this forum almost everyday, although I don’t post often since my dad died.
    I remember when Kelly passed away and I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes, a year can feel like yesterday and sometimes it can seem a million years because of how much we miss our loved one.
    I hope you are filled with fond memories and I hope she visits you in your dreams. When she does, give her a hug for all of us!!
    God bless you,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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