MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder

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Dacogen and Rydapt for AML
Hi - I am new to this site, and very much appreciate the information that is ...
17 minutes ago
MDS to MPN overlap Need info.
I was an MDS RAEB 1 patient for about 3 years. Then my last bone marrow biopsy ...
23 hours, 59 minutes ago
New Report on Vitamin C combined with Vidaza for MDS
Just saw this on Dr. Mercola's website. The new studies from NYU provide ...
3 days ago


Would you like your treatment center to become part of the referral system for MDS patients and be designated as a Center of Excellence? To be recognized as a Center of Excellence, an institution must have:
  • An established university (or equivalent) program
  • Recognized morphologic expertise in MDS
  • Available cytogenetics and/or molecular genetics
  • Ongoing research, including Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trials
  • Documentation of peer-reviewed publications in the field
Clinical trials study new interventions (drugs or procedures) to evaluate their safety and effectiveness in humans. Trials follow a careful set of steps, allowing for the systematic gathering of information to answer questions and confirm hypotheses that were formed earlier, in either laboratory experiments or preliminary trials. If you are an MDS patient, you may wish to discuss a trial with your primary treating physician to see if you qualify as a candidate. LEARN MORE
Onconova is evaluating oral rigosertib in combination with azacitidine in a Phase 2 trial for patients with 1st-line MDS/AML.
Phase 2 09-08 Trial (NCT01926587) A Phase 1/2 study of the combined administration of oral rigosertib with azacitidine in patients with myelodyspla LEARN MORE
The Pivotal MDS Trial INSPIRE is Now Recruiting Patients
INternational Study of Phase III Intravenous RigosErtib STUDY DESCRIPTION A Phase III, international, randomized, controlled study of Rigosertib + LEARN MORE
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