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2nd donor fell through

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    So dissappointed. Got call today that the donor that was set up to be harvested on the 28th and 29th was deferred. The last donor didnt pass his physical and no this one didnt even make it to his physical and was deferred. I know that we have not idea what goes on in these peoples lives and what caused his to be deferred is not serious. I can only believe that his stem cells where not meant for me and another 10/10 out there waiting for me…….Probably will have to start on some kind of chemo…just wonder what it will be??? Im a little confused..if I was MDS…progressed to AML….last BMB showed blast count 3, but some myleodysplastic changes in other cells….what do they treat..MDS or AML??
    Have a goood day


    So sorry to hear that Pam. I don’t know what to say. Hang in there. I hope there’s another match out there.



    Pam, I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know much about what they’ll do from here — if they treat, I’m assuming they’d treat the AML.

    On that deferred one, is there a chance that he could still make it in for the physical? Does this mean that he just didn’t show up, or that he has greater problems?

    We’ll all be thinking of you — keep in touch, and take care of yourself,



    Hi Pam, I’m sorry that things havn’t worked out, but have faith that there will be another match for you. Praying for you, Ellie


    Im not sure why he was “deferred”. Im thinking he called them and for some reason he is unable to give..maybe he had something happen in his life that has kinda put him on hold (an accident..sick family memeber ect)..not sure and will never really know….You know we dont know how far he might have had to travel to be harvested and then if far he would have had to spend the night to be harvested to the next day also…seems like if it was something temporary he would still have the physical tomorrow and still be on hold…who knows…..


    So sorry that this donor didn’t work out either, but hang in there, there has to be one out there I know it. God has his plan for you and he won’t let you go thru it alone. God Bless.


    Hang in there Pam, Thoughts and prayers with you


    I am soory to hear that this donor was deferred. Keep up the positive attitude and prayer. It will happen in God’s time.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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