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52 years old MDS q5 deletion Anemia and RA

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    Sharon Bonifas

    Hi I was diagnosed with MDS Q5 deletion and have had anemia most of my life. I have also had RA for 26 years. The Docs think that I have had this for the past 3 plus years. RBC 2.83 Hemoglobin 9.3 Hematocrit 27.6

    I and just trying to figure out how long I have. I am starting Erythropoietin Any reply would be great I feel like I am blind folded in the dark in a foreign place.
    Thank you,

    Tom Nelson

    78 years old. Going on 5+ years after being Del5q diagnosed when the HGB was at 10.5. Have been on Aranasp for 4 years. Presently receiving some PRBC units due to HGB drop below 7.0 Was back up to high 8.s after 5 months of Revlimid. Had to stop Revlimid due to rash and other issues. Revlimid is the best medication for Del5q but has problematic side effects for many people. Have had to cut back on many homeowner’s chores due to fatigue. Am my wife’s primary caregiver. Will probably need more assistance and senior living as time goes by.

    Kevin Dugan

    There is no end date. Lots of good meds your dr can try. Revlimid really good for me. Get a good doc.

    Kathleen Till

    There is a really good MDS site on Facebook if you are on there. People share so much stuff on MDS.

    Fight Myolodysplasticsyndrom

    Think I have not spent it right but spell correctly and out in on Facebook.


    Marjory Begley

    Hi Sharon,
    Welcome to the Forum – I have found it to be a great help. I was diagnosed with MDS Del 5q about 7 years ago. I, too, was in the dark and ended up going to Moffitt Cancer Ctr in Tampa for help. Moffitt is the premier Cancer Ctr of Excellence for MDS so their team is knowledgeable re:MDS and the different options for treatment. My local oncologist who diagnosed me works in tangent with my Moffitt doc so I don’t have to travel to Tampa (about 2 hours) which is tremendously helpful.
    I, also, have an inherited anemia called Thalassemia Minor which affects my RBC. So it is sort of a double whammy trying to boost my hemoglobin toward normal levels. I have been on Procrit injections given by my local onc. office every two weeks. I am fortunate because the Procrit which is an erythropoietin has been working for these 7 years which I am told is unusual. When the Procrit injections no longer work, I will have to start taking Revlimid (which is recommended for 5Q patients.
    I don’t know where you live but if you are near a Center of Excellence for Cancer you should try to make an appt. Oncologists deal with all cancers and having a physician who knows about MDS or has many MDS patients is optimal.
    There are treatments available and it is helpful to learn about MDS 5Q so you can be a good advocate for yourself. Ask questions, do research and don’t give up.


    I’m a 58 year old del 5q patient and have been on revlimid (lenalidimid) for almost 3 years. It has worked well for me. Some minor side effects but nothing serious,just annoying. I have a bit of rash and some diarrhea issues. Over the counter remities have taken care of that. My hemoglobin in July was 141 which is 14.1 in US measurements. I also take ASA and a number of vitamins. I have regained some of my energy but certainly am not normal for my age. I’ve feel very lucky to be doing so well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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