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    Hi All, George is doing better, eats very well. Wednesday his hmg was still the same. 11.1 Never before stayed this long. The wbc a little higher, I am concerned about that. Today he was able to walk without the walker, holding on my arm, just for safety. He is feeling stronger and I feel hopefull, regardless of the doctors bad prognosis. Tuesday we are going to the infection disease specialist, than Wednesday again to the hemo doctor. Have a nice weekend . Kate

    Kathy G

    That is good news Kate – I hope George continues to make positive progress. Take care and enjoy your week-end.



    Kate, glad George is feeling better and making progress. Enjoy each day!
    Take care,


    Glad to hear the good News, Hope it continues,
    Thoughts and prayers


    I am happy for you and for George. It is wonderful to hear that he is feeling better.


    Great to hear that he’s hanging in there. Take care, both of you,



    Hi All, Yesterday bloodtest was still good, although the hmg sliding down a little. 9.9 now. The plt went down to 23.His wbc slowly rising, 16.2. The doctor doesn,t want to do anything, only supporting treatment. (blood tx), when needed. George has a new problem, he has a horrible back pain, hardly can get out of bed or a chair. If he doesn’t move the pain goes away. Tomorrow we are going to an orthopedic doctor. He does not need the oxigen anymore, he eats well, and feel well, when he doesn’t have the backpain. I wonder if there would be anything to lower the wbc, which will not effect the hmg and the plts.Any information greatly appretiated.Kate


    Hi Kate,

    I’m so glad George no longer needs the oxygen and that he’s feeling well! (aside from the backpain – that’s no good). Good luck tomorrow at the orthopedic doc. We’ll be thinking of you both.

    Take Care, Jody


    Wonderful news that George is feeling better. Enjoy your time together. God Blesss

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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