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Agent Orange

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    Dale Reagan

    My husband is a Vietnam vet who was exposed to agent orange. Does anyone know or have applied for disability with the VA because they have MDS? He had a transfusion last week of 2 units of blood and 1 unit of platelets. Yesterday he received 2 units of platelets. His WBC was 1, RBC was 9 which was good and his platelets were same as last week a 4.


    My neighbor was a Vietnam vet and doesn’t have cancer but some other ailments. He qualified for disability and got back back pay from the veterans. I’m on another site which is a blood cancer. All of the vets on there have disability from the veterans. Apply immediately and get the money your husband deserves

    Bill Corbin

    I am a Vietnam Veteran also. I was diagnosed with MDS in November 2021. I applied to the VA for a disability based on a diagnosis of MDS after having served in Vietnam in 1971-72. My application was based on presumptive Agent Orange exposure. The VA denied my disability application because MDS is not a presumptive disease associated with Agent Orange. The VA informed me that they would reconsider if I could provide scientific proof that Agent Orange can cause MDS. Naturally I can not do that.

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    Dale Reagan

    Update on my husband:
    He passed away last Thursday June 9,2022.
    His last transfusion was on May 31 at the ER admitted overnight. His hemoglobin count was 5 so he was given 4 units of blood. After that he had one good day. He was so weak he probably wouldn’t survive another trip like that & opted for hospice and passed away 2 days later. It breaks my heart this terrible disease took him. And I blame Agent Orange for starting this horrible roller coaster from bladder cancer, chemo and down to MDS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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