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AML, Bladder Cancer and PD

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    My father was dx with AML in late June along with existing Bladder Cancer and Parkinson’s Diease. He is 76 years old and opted out of chemo or other treatment (which I respect). His oncologist gave prognosis of <6 months (almost in 4 months).
    For the last several months, he has been living life as if you would not know he was ill (outside the PD tremors and feeling more tired). He walks 3-4 miles a day, eats well, drives and is completely lucid/sharp. He does get tired more easily and sleeps more often and I’ve noticed a drop and tremor in his jaw and there appears to be swallowing difficulties (from PD?)
    Yesterday, I was informed (live out of state) he was passing significant amounts of blood through his urine throughout the day and became faint and fell into a wall. His hospice nurse called my dad but he refused visit and wouldn’t agree to see him till their regularly scheduled Friday appointment. The hematuria has stopped, according to my father and he seems in good spirits.
    While we understand no one has a crystal ball on fate of prognosis and “when” but as a family and for those of us who are not nearby, we’re hoping to be able to identify what to look for as he progresses. Yesterday appeared to be a pretty scary day for all of us but in my research I’ve not found much on this being a significant sign he’s transitioned to the final stages of life.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated but I know everyone’s experience is unique.



    Thank you for sharing this information about your father. I know this is a difficult time for both you and your family. During the course of MDS, the disease may continue to progress and it becomes clear that you loved one is approaching the end of life. Hospice care, a philosophy and model of care, is beneficial both to people with cancer whose life expectancy is six months or less and to their families. The hospice team – a nurse, nursing aide, physician, social worker, chaplain and volunteers – concentrates on managing pain and other physical symptoms so I think it best to address any questions and/or concerns with them. MDS is a horrible disease. Hopefully, another treatment and eventually a cure will result from the MDS Foundation’s efforts.

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