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Aml leukemea

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    My mother was diagnosed with aml leukemea early in September. It came as a schock to us all as she I guess was the epitome of health, but as I have learned through the last 6 or so months the disease does not discriminate against any particular person. The doctor decided on Vidaza as her age had eliminated any possibility of induction or bone marrow transplant. She did well after the first round but not so well after the second. She had the typical lung infection,and was hospitalized for over a week.From what I understand her blood counts were quite low
    Before she started chemo so I think her immune system was heavily compromised going in.She lost a fair bit of weight after round two and really was not eating much at all and had no appetite. Since her diagnosis in September, I have spent countless hours absorbing as much info as I possibly could on ways to help,in terms of natural remedies and antinflamatory foods and things to help with her diagnosis. I have been pressing fresh juice, beet,carrot,ginger garlic tumeric(lots) orange greens etc. I have also researched the benefits of Cannabis oil,cbd and cbd and thc
    I even watched a seven part docu series called the sacred plant and gained a great deal of inspiration from that. After the hospital stay for the lung infection I decided to head down to the dispensery and sign up for a medical cananabis card. She was a little hesitant at first to agree to it but I convinced her to try as we had nothing to loose. Her last chemo treatment was early November, and since then she has had o blood or platelet transfusions. Her lowest platlet count was 7 Last week she was up to 199. Her wbc were at 6.1 last week but dropped slightly to 5.1 this week, her red was at 3.49 last week but dropped to 3.26 this week,same with hemoglobin and hematocrit. Slightly lower this week but still better than two weeks ago. Her doctor was so impressed with her no. He is putting her back on Vidaza as of Monday. Though she has lost 30 or so pounds her body chemistry is stronger now to continue. The doctor stated he feels the improved no’s are the residual effect from the Vidaza which I can’t argue with but I feel that the oil has played a major role as well as the heavy use of tumeric etc. But I can’t say for sure I’m just doing what I can do to try and keep my mom alive. I stopped giving just the cbd oil alone about a week or so ago and strangely feel that may have contributed to the slightly lower no’s this week so I started up again yesterday. I give a big dose of that early on and then the thc cbd combo before bed. So well see what the no’s are this week after she starts the Vidaza again. Prayers go out to all people who are dealing with this horrible disease.



    I also prepare an organic juice drink every day with the following ingredients: carrot, beet, kale/spinach, green apple, cucumber, raw ginger and raw turmeric. It is sometimes challenging and time consuming to find all organic ingredients, but we do. Each morning I also make a smoothie of organic frozen strawberries and blueberries, unsweetened plain almond milk, non-fat plain greek yogurt, and banana. In the evening I have organic papaya tea and 4 oz. of pure tart cherry juice before bed. I will never be able to prove this is working but something has kept my numbers stable for going on five years. We also cook with and consume no added salt, added sugar, or oils. I was diagnosed by bmb with mds-unclassified in September 2013 at the age of 59. Good luck!


    I’m doing my best with mom but she is stubborn and I can’t stay on top of her food consumption each day. I do my best when I’m there but being that we are European they put a great deal of faith in god and sometimes don’t go through the mechanical stuff to achieve success.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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