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Anyone experience drastic number increases like these??

Home forums Patient Message Board Anyone experience drastic number increases like these??


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    Update. My dad was given the worst possible diagnosis with Type 1 MDS. Not an option for marrow. All blood levels affected have been really bad since April, started taking Procrit in April, getting transfusions every 4-7 days. I started research at home natural remedies… Started diet 21 days ago… Blood level 2 Mondays ago (week 1 no transfusion)…8.0 Hemoglobin… 2.06 red blood cell. 2.04 white blood…platelets 16,000…. Last Monday (week 2 no transfusion).. hemoglobin 9.7 …2.46 Red blood cell…4.24 white blood cells…. platelets 106,000…(this resulted in call from blood doctor stating he feels results are inaccurate as the change in platelets is so dramatic basically not really possible) Dad told them about his diet and lifestyle change and my natural healing belief and told them he felt good. Dr then said recheck in a week….Today he left for the Mayo clinic (12 hours away) to seek answers and hopefully help, took his blood this a.m. to get an idea of what we are looking like ….the results I couldn’t be happier with… Hemoglobin 11.1… red cells 3.06…white 4.75….and platelets of 160,000. Has anyone ever had luck with holistic natural treatments and or just a rise like these in general? All feedback is appreciated. I am brand new to this and just started learning. We are on day 18 no blood. Sorry for the long thread.

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    Clement Rose

    That is wonderful news. I also was diagnosed with MDS four years ago. Today I had a second bone morrow biopsy with the results expected back in 5 to 10 days. I have some misgivings about chemo therapy treatments. But I do firmly believe our bodies can heal itself with other treatments. I do not exercise enough, of that I’m sure, I also don’t follow a healthy diet. I don’t punish myself by eating junk foods, alcohol, drugs, etc. I am encouraged by your fathers progress with a healthier diet and some exercise. I was very athletic as a young man but I tire very easily in my 85th year. I still consider myself fairly healthy despite the MDS. I had downloaded the regimen that other patient had entered, but it came out in very small print. I’ll get my magnifying glass and read it now. Your post was very encouraging. Thanks.



    Thank you for the feedback. I hope you get good results with your testing! I am learning and trying to educate myself on MDS and trying to understand others experiences and any ideas for the best quality of life as long as possible. I will keep you in my Prayers.


    bobby pellegrini

    That is astonishing that in short time with nutrition numbers would increase that much.What consisted of your diet and can you provide links to couple sites you used? Are you taking any natural supplements?



    I researched most things out of my life science books as far as oils and supplements went. I gave more explanation in response to a different post of what we are doing as far as diet. I also based what we are doing from talking to physicians and nurses at my work constantly to understand the medical side of his health concerns. We are also battling liver concerns as well as MDS. So I am trying to encompass all medical concerns when choosing oils, supplements and diet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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