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Are MDS Patients considered “immunocompromised” for booster purposes?

Home Demo forums Patient Message Board Are MDS Patients considered “immunocompromised” for booster purposes?

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    I fall in the low risk category and wonder if anyone else in that category has received a third Pfizer or Moderna booster vaccine. According to CDC guidelines, current cancer patients fall in the “immunocompromised” category. My hematologist’s assistant nurse said the hospital has not come out with their list of immunocompromised conditions so she will not sign off on the booster yet. CVS will administer the booster to compromised patients with a doctor’s sign-off.

    Raymond Bourgeois

    MDS is a blood cancer according to the National LEUKEMIA/LYMPHOMA society. From what I understand, the additional vaccine for Covid is offered to those with compromised immune systems, and all with blood cancers. I do not think your risk factor matters, even if it is low, you still have MDS. I am getting my 3rd shot today.
    Hope this helps,
    Raymond Bourgeois

    Bonnie Shaffer

    I have very low risk MDS and my doctor scheduled an appointment for me immediately. Got my 3rd Pfizer shot on Monday.


    I am low risk and am not receiving any treatment (5+ yrs of watch and wait) for MDS. Based on what I’ve read it doesn’t appear that I’m as yet eligible for the booster. My next hematologist appointment is on 8/30 and I’ll surely inquire at that time.

    Jimmy Greenhut

    Had my 3rd shot of Moderna 10 days ago

    Bonnie Condon

    I have low risk MDS (diagnosed a year ago) and am currently dealing with Hgb at 8.4 and a low neutrophil count. I have been getting Procrit for 3 months. Just had my 2nd BMB Thursday to determine if something else is happening. I went to Walgreens in Illinois and had to sign a document that I had one of a variety of diseases. Bone marrow cancer was one of them. They didn’t require anything from my doctor, though my Hem Onc was supportive of me getting the 3rd dose.I got my 3rd Moderna vaccination and experienced similar side effects as the 2nd vaccination–aches,headache, nausea and no appetite for about 16 hours.


    At my 8/30 hematologist appointment, the doctor strongly encouraged me to get the booster ASAP. She indicated that although not currently getting treatment, my blood malignancy qualified as immune compromised. I’m schedule to get the booster on 9/8.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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