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Are there treatments for mds without platelet or blood transfusions?

Home forums Patient Message Board Are there treatments for mds without platelet or blood transfusions?

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    Lou Logan

    Husband was diagnosed with mds 2 years ago, no treatment needed then. Now his platelets have dropped to 60 and his hematologist wants to do another bmb. Are there effective treatments without blood platelet or blood transfusions?

    Philip Fallacaro

    If you do an internet search for “treatments for low platelets” you will find several FDA approved prescription pill form medications on the market. the choice will depend on the type of thrombocytopenia the person has. And they all have some degree of side effects, some of which may cause lowering of othe blood factors. An experienced hematologist very familiar with MDS should be able to offer you treatment options other than transfusions. The medications may be expensive, as are blood transfusions. If you do have choices, check with your insurance company to see if the drug you choose is covered. Keep researching for treatment options and discuss your findings with your hematologist. A bone marrow biopsy may be able to determine the type and reason for low platelet count, and help decide best treatment options.
    Phil Fallacaro, Fair Lawn NJ I currently have MDS with all three blood cell counts on low side: white, red, and platelets. Ive been getting Procrit injections every two weeks to keep my hemoglobin from falling too low. I haven’t had any blood transfusions for the three years since MDS low risk diagnosis was discovered. I hope you get a response from someone taking a medication for low platelets and learn about the drug they are taking and it’s side effects. Best wishes for a resolution of low platelet problem.

    Marie Miguel

    You should follow his doctor’s instructions as cases vary from person to person.

    I have read some articles about the low platelet count. Try to stuff up his diet with mostly Wheatgrass, spinach, and pumpkin. It wouldn’t treat the MDS itself as this is just like support to your main treatment, but helps with the platelet count.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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