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MDS is a blood cancer
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Blood loss and personal care

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    Simrat Kukreja

    Dear Sir / Ma’am,

    My Mother of 70 years old (having O+ve blood group) has recently been detected of blood loss, which might be due to MDS.

    The detailed incident has been given below:

    My mother had been experiencing bruises on her body for the past couple of months. She went to see regular orthopedic doctor and was given some pain killers and medicines. However, her bruising condition did not show any improvements. Since it did not pose much hindrance in her daily life, the bruising was related to her old age and we did not take it very seriously (a big mistake on our part !!).

    Meanwhile, my mother was not feeling well for the couple of days and suddenly complained of severe headache and no energy to getup from the bed. Initially, we thought that this was due to high blood pressure. However, the blood pressure was found normal and her condition kept worsening in the short span of few hours. She was feeling too difficult to breathe. Hence, we rushed her to the doctor, where the doctor gave her some injection and a medicine under her tongue. It helped to make her stable and then ECG was conducted which came out to be normal.

    Very next morning, some regular tests were conducted and found that her Haemoglobin was 4.5 only. Immediately, she was given 1 unit of blood and her CBC was done. As per her CBC report, the platelet count came to be quite low (around 10,000 only). We arranged a donor of platelets and meanwhile she was given 2 more units of blood (so total 3 units of blood).

    Finally, she has been given platelets as well and been discharged today.

    I request you to guide me what further tests should be conducted and what kind of personal care and foods we can give her to keep her blood and platelet count high.

    Meanwhile, have decided to conduct her CBC report once a month to keep a track.

    Shall be really grateful to you.


    chuck rau

    Bruising is consistent with low platelets and the sudden severe headache with the low hemoglobin count. MDS is verified by a bone marrow biopsy.

    There is no cure for MDS. My doctors tell me foods do not help or provoke MDS since it is a malfunction of the bone marrow where the cells produced are mutated and do not function as they should. Vidazza is a chemotherapy drug that helps some, once the diagnosis is confirmed MDS.


    The only cure for MDS is a stem cell transplant. I was cured.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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