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    Jim thomson


    If the only thing that cures us with in my case MDS-MLD – low – is bone marrow transplant, why do the doctors prescribe chemo injections – I have had 70 of them or 5 rounds and 6th round is coming up soon. They never explain the end game of all this chemo

    Siobhan Scully

    Hi Jim my husband has just finished his 6th cycle so very close to your own treatment time frame. Our understanding of this protocol is that the chemo injections slow the progression of the MDS disease and so prolonging life for as long as it is effective. It can also reduce excess blasts in the bone marrow and put the patient into remission which is required in order to have a bone marrow transplant. Hope this helps.

    Jim thomson

    thank you for your comments – it gets frustrating – I wish and pray for healing – I was diagnosed with MDS-MLD -July 2021–still have too many symptoms -remission would be great –

    Kathleen Till

    Have they given you a biopsy to see where you are blast wise.
    I had high level MDS and had to have a Bone Marrow transplant, which I had at Moffitt in Tampa on the 9th September.
    Doing really well and last biopsy showed no signs of MDS.
    I am 74 in June.

    Jim thomson

    I been diagnosed mds-mld -low since July 21–last month they did bone marrow biopsy -this is second one completed, first one was last December

    right now my white cells are very low -platelet have come up some and red blood cells doing mostly ok

    I have no clue where we are on possible bone marrow transplant -when I was at Mayo – they put me on the register – so when the time comes we might have donor.

    and round 6 of chemo is in couple weeks

    Dr. Lin

    The azacitadine was given to hold the disease in check while searching for a donor. The donor search process sometimes take a few months. We don’t want it to progress to leukemia.

    Jim thomson

    Dr. Lin:

    I am not sure I am need of bone marrow transplant – I am sure -it is only matter of time b4 my blood ratios and what not drop, my worry is my body quits responding to vidaza injections, yes every 2 weeks they do
    CBC blood test -which tells a lot


    Owen Maguire

    I have just completed my 66th cycle of Vidaza. 7 days 165 Ml each day and then 21 days off. I am trilineage ( Hem, platelets and WBC). I have had 4 Bone Marrows. ( Blasts 4%, 6% 3% 3% ). I am 83 and while I have not enough endurance to play golf anymore , I can walk 3 kms 3 times a week. My stomach is permanently bruised and it takes a week for the pain in the stomach to recede. There are times that I want to end the cycle , but there are still a number of things I want to do before I throw in the towel. While Vidaza hasn’t been able to take me to remission, it is allowing me to have a decent quality of life.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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