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CMV Virus

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    Lee Smith

    I am in my 4th cycle of Decitabine this week and had a BMB 2 weeks ago which revealed that the drug is working lowering my blasts from 10% to 4% since originally diagnosed 4 months ago. I was referred to a transplant doctor last week who got the ball rolling on the preliminaries on a possible transplant in 2-4 months. I had 10 vials blood took from me Monday right before my Decitabine treatment for the transplant along with my normal 3 vials for labs. Today I got one of the results back on my phone app for the hospital that I normally get my test results back from. It said I was positive for the CMV virus. First of all I have never heard of this virus but after searching on the net it appears that 50-85% of adult Americans are infected with it. It is a herpes virus but not associated with HSV1 or 2. I did read it could cause issues during a transplant if active. I guess my question is if this is a possible disqualifier for a transplant and if anyone who has been through a transplant has had this and if it was a issue. It seems very common from what I have read.

    Julia McGuire

    My understanding is that it is not a disqualifier. Knowing you carry the virus in a dormant state allows them to keep an eye out for its potential emergence and to treat it. Wishing you all the best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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