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Conditioning regime Vs post BMT

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    Hi all – my partner is currently undergoing a chemotherapy conditioning regime prior to a BMT in March sometime. She’s only been in the hospital a week and has had a fairly intensive dose of Fludarabine/Cytarabine and Idarubicin. We’re expecting some nasty side effects over the coming week or so, however I was wondering if anyone on the forum knew how poorly these side effects will make you feel in comparison with post BMT issues ?
    We’d both like as few surprises as possible throughout the treatment, so I’m really just trying to get a mental picture of when to expect illness and it’s severity.

    Many thanks


    Hope all goes well, Unfortunately We do not have experiene with what you both are going through. Will continue to pray however.
    All the best


    I think Marsha said it: we will probably forget all of the rough things and bethankful to have survived a year or so after a BMT. I know I had a few really rough things happen but now I think it really was not big thing. If your partner is in pain or even just uncomfortable, whatever medication to get through it should be taken advantage of. Forget about the no pain no gain concept. After the BMT, loss of muscle tone and endurance will be a problem. Don’t push for too much but do get physical therapy to keep from losing too much and getting on the road to recovery. As things happen, try to keep in touch with us and other who are there for you.


    Hi, my Mom is about 70 days post-SCT, and she’s feeling pretty rough. I assume it’s the chemo still working on her (she had fludarabine and busulfan) — her blood counts are actually doing quite well. She’s pretty weak and tired, and her appetite isn’t too great — my Dad has to keep on her to eat constantly to keep her energy as high as possible. One thing to consider is that my Mom is 65, so I’m sure her age is going to make getting back to full strength very difficult.

    Jim, I’m just curious — how long did it take for you to feel decent (realizing that’s not a medical term!)? Mom had a rough week insofar as lack of energy and weakness last week, and is doing better this week, but pretty frustrated at her tiredness.

    Best of wishes to all of you and take care,



    I am +65 days post transplant. I was pretty sick and had rough times after chemo which was about 1 wk after BMT. That lasted for awhile, but they gave me meds to help. I agree with Jim the muscle tone is the worse, I am still working on that, going upstairs hurts sometimes. I can only ride stationary bike about 5=10 min. but working on that. I am hoping for better weather so I can get some fresh air by walking outside instead of the mall. I know it doesn’t last forever but hang in there.


    I just read an account by a BMT patient that is very good. She had hers in 1999. The account may be read at


    I felt pretty good after about 30 days but that only lasted for about 2 weeks. Have been on a roller cosater since then. More ups then downs but not steady by any means. And recently my vision has gotten cloudy and weaker. Should have answers about that this wee. Jim


    Guys – many thanks for your responses.
    Karen finished her chemo on Saturday and I think all things said and done isn’t doing too badly. Sore mouth,upset stomach, loss of appetite and lethargy seem to be the main symptoms at the moment. She did contract a fever overnight last night but the IV antibiotics seemed to have sorted that out.
    She’s super-brave, I just hope she can keep it up.

    Bill and Mary – thanks for the link – most informative.

    Best wishes and prayers for all.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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