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Confused and Frustrated

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    So the plan for today was that the hospital would call me when a bed came available today and I would be admitted for 7+3 induction chemo. My mom and step dad drove in to Columbus to be ready to take me to the hospital. Finally a call came from the Dr. The call just wasn’t what we expected.

    Genetic testing to look for specific mutations, which was expected by today, had not yet returned. Therefore they do not know how to fine tune the chemo. They are now saying it could be Thursday before the results are in. It is emotionally draining to keep hearing this is urgent and we need to get your chemo started quickly to wait.

    I had taken FMLA, and disability from work. I was packed and ready to be admitted. I had family drive in to take me to the hospital. And now I am sitting at home.

    I go in to get labs Monday. If the testing is back I’ll be admitted then. If not then it looks like a Thursday admission.

    Has anyone else experienced something like this with an AML diagnosis?

    Barb: Diagnosed MDS 5q- in 2006. Stable until 2018. Dx AML with 5q-, trisomy 8, and amplificationof MLL gene.

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