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Counts Climbed a little

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    Today Bobs HGB finally hit 10. haven’t seen that since before Hurricane Wilma. Plts 68, which was up. The RBC are norm, and the whites still high but under 20. He was relieved and felt better especially since today was the start of another round of vidaza. Friday we actually see the Hemotologist to see what he thinks, We have increased the Pineapply and fresh fruits and veggies. Added the Esiak tea capsults. Not sure what it is but we will continue and see how the counts progress.
    THANK YOU TO ALL – you are always so supportive.


    hi terri

    glad to hear things are improving – hope they continue to get better



    Hi Terri, I’m so glad to finally hear that things are looking up again. You must be doing everything right as his counts seem to be pretty good. I hope you receive a good report from the hemo. on Friday.
    Take care Ellie


    Hi Terri, So glad to see that Bob’s numbers getting better. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes , hugs:Kate

    Sandy L

    Hi Terri

    So glad to see that there is improvement. I was very concerned when you did not return my phone call. I am less concerned now that I see you are posting.

    keep up the good work.


    Hey Kiddo,
    We’re think’in about you guy’s *wink*

    Be Well,

    Billy’s Dad {Bill}


    So glad to hear about Billy’s good health and good grades. Keep us posted every once in a while It feels like he belongs to all of us! And Terry I too am thankful that things are better for Bob. You two have been in my thoughts often especially since you a part of the “old group” that Have been sharing good and bad news here for a number of years.Hope he continues to improve.


    Sandy L, Sorry I did not see your call come up on my Caller ID, Thanks for the concern and thoughts.
    I think and pray for everyone here and you don’t know how your support is appreciated by me as the care giver you all give me encouragement and take away my fright.

    To Billy’s Dad, as Suzanne indicated please check in and keep us posted on Billy, I have checked his website on occassion as well. So glad he is going good.

    I just really want to thank everyone, Neil, Suzanne, Eve I have learned so much from you. I miss BGreene and MomaKate, Sarah, Marie (waldens wife) think of them so much
    God Bless


    Terry, B Greene is doing well. I think she does check in on the forum every once in a while. She is recovering from a nasty fall that smashed her knee and she can’t move around much-very frustrating for her


    Terri, I’m so glad to hear Bob is improving. Keep doint what you’re doing!

    Bill, how amazing that your son is doing so well!



    Hi Terri, I read all posts daily. I miss each of you and think of everyone daily. This forum and members have been such a blessing to me for 4 years. Its just been most difficult to post lately. In time I will respond more. I pray for each one battling this disease. You remain close in my thoughts. Know that I am checking in daily. Barbra and Kate are providing me with so very much support as well.

    B. Greene

    Hey Terri, so glad for the good news. I do check now and then like Suz says but everyone is new and to be honest I’m still pretty raw. Like Sarah it is just hard. Battling this knee business, which has been a nightmare, and still can’t really walk. Given me way too much time to think.
    I really do mean it when I say if there is anything I can do to help anyone or share what I know don’t hesitate to write. You guys keep up the good work!!!!!


    Hi Terri,

    It’s so nice to read the good news! smile Hope Bob keeps improving..will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers.

    take care, jody

    ps. Hi Sarah and Barbra …I think of you both often.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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