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    Kevin Dugan

    I would like to hear from people with MDS and/or AIHA who have taken the covid vaccine. Interested in type of vaccine and side effects.

    Kathy Lynch

    Hi, Today on the Webinar Dr. Raza one of the top MDS researchers in the world said we NEED to get the vaccine. Because of our MDS we have weakened immune systems and getting COVID would NOT be good.
    I got my first Madera vaccine this week. It is supposed to have the least side effects. Just a very sore arm…my husband got his last week no symptoms at all.

    Take care and stay safe!



    A few days after you and your husband get the 2nd Moderna vaccine shot, can you then post what your side effects were from that second dose? Just like Kevin, I’m very interested in hearing about it too.

    Thanks & best wishes,

    Nelissa Godin

    I am getting my second dose of the Pfizer Monday. No side effects whatsoever from first dose, just a soreness at the injection site.

    Pat McChesney

    Hi, I got my second Pfizer vac 5 days ago. I had no reaction to the first. This one was different! Day 1 I felt a little headachy; Day 2 joint and muscle pain; Day 3 (yesterday) it hit me: fever, chills, aches and pains, confusion. Except for trying to stay hydrated, I slept all the time. I woke up at 3.15 am today with damp sheets and no fever. I slept all morning and, other than some weakness, have felt like my usual self. I’m immunocompromised so I hoped the reaction wouldn’t be bad, so many people have reported few s/e’s even after the second shot, but I was different, I guess. I figure better a day of feeling lousy is better than the whole deal. My brother-in/law had the virus and said what I described was exactly how he felt, only longer. So good luck and safe passage to you all.

    Carol Ward

    I had 2nd shot of maderma vaccine last week and do far so good.

    Shirley Bowe

    My husband had the Moderna vaccine and suffered no side effects

    Mary Roth

    I’v had both of my Pfizer shots and only had a sore arm both times

    John Bradley

    I go for my booster shot this week. No problems with Moderma two shots.


    I received my third Pfizer shot on Friday afternoon. No reaction Friday. On Saturday, I was tired and rundown. I had to take several naps throughout the day. My appetite was reduced but I was able to eat at every meal. Sunday morning I was back to normal and carried on with my exercise routine and eating habits. My first Pfizer resulted in no adverse reaction. My second Pfizer was exactly like the third. I was diagnosed in 2013 with MDS unclassified and low risk.

    Lee Smith

    I had COVID back in November of 2020 (tested positive right before Thanksgiving) and my only symptoms was losing since of taste and smell for a few days and feeling a little fatigue. Heck I ran 5 to 6 miles a day while in quarantine with it. Held off on getting the vaccine because COVID had very little effect on me and I had the antibodies but going to get my 1rst dose tomorrow because I just recently was diagnosed with MDS and my doctor wants me vaccinated before beginning treatment.


    I’ve had 2 Pfizer and 2 boosters. Sore are for the most part. I did recently get covid mildly. That was bad enough. It was a miserable few days. I know the vaccine helped protect me from getting it worse. MDS makes us immune compromise and we need to protect ourselves.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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