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Dad is in the hospital

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    Mom called this morning and said they ambulance was taking dad to the hospital. He had blood in stool this morning.

    Got to the hospital and they took blood first to check the counts. Dad white counts were normal. Platlets were 71,000. They say he has 9% blast in blood has been that way since he was diagnosed with MDS. But the white counts are confusing me they said that is how they knew that it was bone marrow problem. Now all of a sudden they are normal.

    Dad stomach is swollen again. He just had it drained two weeks ago. (Swelling caused by the Cirrhosis)

    Maybe next time they do the blood maybe he won’t have any blast since the White counts are normal.

    They think he has a infection and the that the body won’t process the antibiotics because of the liver. So they are going give it straight to the blood instead of orally.

    I wish they could do the BMB and there was proof that there was no MDS so he could have a liver transplant. He is in such pain and is suffering so bad. No relieve from the misery.

    Any thoughts about the white count being normal?


    Dear Sad,
    Will be keeping your dad in our thoughts and prayers.


    I hope your dad is doing better, continued prayers


    so sorry about your dad…I hope he feels better soon. I can understand your confusion about the wbc’s. Can you ask his doctor? something isn’t adding up. thinking of you, Jody


    Thanks for the prayers.


    Nothing has been right about the whole thing. They are giving him vitimin K in the hospital so his blood will clot. I don’t know why he needs it if his counts are good.

    But they were suppose to drain the fluid out of his stomach on Monday. Now they are saying they aren’t going to do it.

    He has a appointment with his regular Hemo. on Jan. 13 maybe he will let me go with him. So I can ask some questions. But he gets nervous when I say I want to go with him . Because he is afraid that I will make the Hemo. mad and he won’t treat him anymore.


    dear sad

    i hope you make the hemo good and mad and get all the answers you need

    if the doctor is going to be mad about questions he shouldn’t be treating your dad in the first place

    my dad was in the hospital recently – his platelets were low, but not at the serious level, and they also gave him vit K

    good luck



    Sad, I go with My Husband to each and every visit, The doctor knows it will be me that ask all the questions usually. When first Dx I had so many things to ask as a result of this forum. I have kept a journal since Bob was dx aug 03, I stilluse it to write down weekly counts, medications, nutritional appts, Questions for the doctors, side effects from the Vidaza etc. It really helps and our Hemo has no problem taking the time to answer my questions. That is what they are there for. I hope your Dad will let you go. I know in Bob’s case, he forgets so many of the things because he does get nervous and is so afraid of this dreadful disease.



    Is there alot of fluid? What is the reason for not draining the fluid when it was ‘a go’ for Monday? …frustrating….if they are going to change their minds, you’d think they’d give details or reasons why. Is it possible to e-mail or speak to your dad’s hemo doc before his appointment….maybe he/she could get access to these results and explain what’s going on? Good luck! Jody


    Sad, I hope your Dad getting better, and maybe he let you go with him to the doctor.My husband is just like your Dad, doesn’t want me to go. I went once, I had a lot of question. The doctor answered everything I asked. Still my husband doesn’t want me to go anymore.Jody has some good idea there, I hope you will be able to find out what is going on. Best of luck for your Dad recovery. Kate


    Dad is in Ft. Myers, Florida. They did drain his stomach. The took 2 1/2 liters of Fluid off his stomach. It sent his blood pressure to 70/40. Then the Hemo asked if he would like to take Procrit. Dad said NO! I have cirrhosis of the Liver. One of the side effects is Liver Problem.

    Last month when he was at IU Medical Hospital. The drained half of the fluid out one day and then the other half the next day. So that he would not bleed out or his blood pressure wouldn’t drop like a rock.

    Florida hospitals scare me.

    He is still bleeding internally. They were going to do a upper and lower GI. Now they are not going to because he has one 2 weeks ago. Well he was bleeding 2 weeks ago. So I don’t understand that.

    He told my mother to get him out of there and get him back to Indiana before they kill him there.

    I don’t blame him.


    He should try if possible to get to Moffitt Cancer center and contact a Dr List there who is a specialist in MDS. Moffitt is in Tampa which is on the West Coast of Fl


    Sad, I hope you get the answers you need and deserve. If not, may be time for another opinion. Wishing you all the best.


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