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Dad started his Vidaza today

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    I talked to my mom yesterday. Dad had a rough patch yesterday. His hemoglobin was low so he needed a transfusion and then he got a mild fever shortly after. The doctor let him go “home” to my sister’s house which is much closer to the hospital because she didn’t want to admit him yet. They stayed there last night. She said that sometimes temperatures raise a little after a transfusion.

    Mom said she’d call me if they had to take him back for a fever. She didn’t call so I hope all is well! I usually know when something’s wrong, though. I have a close bond with my dad and, for some reason, I know when to call or I sense that something’s not right even though I live about 10 hours away.



    Carrie – from what I’ve read here the fever is common but can be controlled or reduced some by adminstering Tylenol and Benedryl at or just before the Tx. Hopefully he doesn’t need one again – or often – but if he does … make sure they’re taking that small precaution.




    Thanks for the information. I’ll ask my mom tonight.

    Once while dad was receiving chemo for his NHL, he got red man’s face. They started giving him Benadryl for that so I think that they’re very cautious smile .

    Have a good weekend,


    Kathy G

    Dad got through the first round of Vidaza – so far so good. He ran a low fever and felt lousy – don’t know if that’s from the Vidaza or his cold. Hopefully he’ll feel better this week.

    Carrie I hope your Dad did as well – keep me posted.





    Glad to hear your Dad’s doing well so far. Wishing your dad and Carrie’s continued success.




    I haven’t heard anything in a couple of days so I guess everything is good so far. Dad had his last injection yesterday morning (Sunday) and so I guess we’re waiting for the drops to count and come back up smile .



    Hi Carrie; smile
    One of your questions was when to expect the counts to drop. They begin to fall around day fourteen – counting from the day of the first injection. I keep a running tab on my dads counts and his meds and injections. You can track what will happen after awhile – I’ve even been able to figure out when his numbers will begin to rise. Unfortuately he just received 8 units of blood this week – I hope he’s on the upswing – we’re waiting to hear from his doctor. Hopefully all will be ok soon and he can leave the hospital. I hope your dad is successufl with the Vidaza!!
    Keep me posted – Christina
    Dad,67 – dx 2/03 MDS-RARS, procrit/ 1 year thalidomide/ now 4 rounds vidaza/ currently in hospital-hopefully not for long!



    Thanks for the info, Christina. So I guess my dad’s counts will start going down around Monday (17th). I’ll be on pins and needles until the come back up. I hope he doesn’t need transfusions like your father did. Ugh. smile

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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