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Dad's counts are dropping… tx then vidaza?

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    His WBC stays OK, but last week his HGB was below 8! (7.8) He will probably get another TX this week (this will be his 5th.) He feels great for about a week afterward, his HGB even reached over 10 for the first time in many months. The weekly Procrit doesn’t seem to be of much help anymore. We have discussed Vidaza a bit but I am concerned b/c he only has one kidney and I am concerned about “elimination” of the drug. Dad has MDS/RARS, he’s in his 70’s and it is breaking my heart to see him so tired and sad. I know Revlimid isn’t approved yet and I am concerned about the effects of Trisenox also. I guess I am just looking for any light at the end of the tunnel. I just want him to have a bit of energy for living, going to church, enjoying food, etc. Thanks in advance


    My understanding is that Revlimid is approved. Happened a couple of months ago. I understand that Zarnestra for patients your dad’s age that can’t do the heavy chemo is also being submitted for approval and that it has helped about 30% of those who tried it in trial. Don’t know whether it is appropriate for RARS. Suzanne


    whoops! It is vidaza that is approved, Revlimid I believe has been submitted and Zarnestra is next to be submitted. suzanne


    They should run a blood test if going the Vidaza route its a BMP which will test the Kidneys and Liver. The levels have to be at a certain point for them to administer the Drug. If you go to I think there is more info on the protocal etc.

    I Hope all goes well for your dad.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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