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Dennis' transplant

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    Here is latest update re. Dennis. It was posted by Debbi Hoegler on BMT listserve 9/14:
    I spoke to Nancy and she was sitting with her best friend at his
    so she has someone to hold her up today. She’s very tired but still
    hopeful and giving it up to God. Dennis was scheduled for a liver
    biopsy~you know~where they insert the needle and take a piece for the
    lab, check pressures, etc.~ Well, instead they discovered a new issue
    with his heart they need to stabilize first so they postponed the liver
    work until possibly tomorrow. Nancy could tell me nothing more as she
    hasn’t been informed about his heart yet. He had fluid in his lungs
    well so they will get that problem solved ASAP. A Cardiologist has
    brought in to work on him now. He is still heavily sedated and
    the good fight. She thanks all of you for your prayers and support.

    If you are not living on the edge…you are taking up too much space.


    Friday afternoon update on Dennis G. from Michelle W.

    Just spoke to Nancy, the heart issue found to be swelling around
    his heart, and it is resolving with dialysis. He is still in atrial
    fibrilation,and off and on is running a temp. They will be doing the liver biopsy later today, in about an hour. Otherwise, he is the same.


    My prayers for Dennis are added to the many others. Loretta, Good to see you are in remission. Do you attribute that to Vidaza?
    My dx of MDS-RAEB-2 was about the same time as for you, but my BMB showed the blasts went up in August 06.


    Russ, after 4 rnds. of Vidaza my blasts decreased from 10-15% blasts, to 6%. After 8 rnds. of Vidaza, my blasts further decreased to 3%. I attribute “positive respone” somewhat to Vidaza, and somewhat to many prayers, and somewhat to luck. I know that Vidaza may stop working for me, but I will cont. with it as long as counts and blasts stay good. Then, may go to Dacogen or whatever else is advisable at the time. I’ll have another BMB at MD Anderson in Houston 11/20/06.
    Did you switch to Dacogen because your counts and blasts increased?


    Thanks for the info, Loretta and PTL for your blast reduction. I started out at 8% blasts went on Vidaza 6/14/05 and did 7 rounds. Went to Dr. Raza at UMASS who recommended I stay on Vidaza. My blasts had not come down but I went about 5 mos w/o a transfusion. On 8/9/06 after more rounds of Vidaza my BMB showed 18% blasts. My Hematologist called Dr. Raza and they agreed I should go on Dacogen. Will start my 2nd rnd of it this Monday. MD Anderson sounds like a premier place for MDS research – all the best for continued good results.


    I rcvd. an update on Dennis Goward today, through the BMT listserv. It was written by Debbi Hoegler, who is also in Phoenix and talks with Dennis’ wife, Nancy. “It is crushing to tell you that our guy is spiralling down. His
    have failed, his liver has failed, his lungs are sketchy, and his heart
    is still erratic. His Onc. says there is very little chance unless he
    can engraft within the next two days and that would truly be a miracle.
    The family had a meeting and they have come to the conclusion that if
    codes again they will not revive him. Nancy is heartbroken and has
    three of her friends with her at his bedside now. Rough. So sad. I
    that crunch time hasn’t come and gone and will keep it up until the fat
    lady sings. Please join in. Thanks.”


    This news is so devestating. Dennis is truly one of the good guys, you would not wish this on your worst enemy. When it happens to a guy like Dennis, it is just so sad. I know we are all praying for him and hope he won’t give up the fight.


    It is time to pray for a miracle. Whatever will happen is in accordance with God’s plan. Myabe it is part of His plan to get those of us who believe to pray a little more. We need guys like Dennis to make it to give so many others hope …and also to enjoy his humor.


    Praying, praying, praying. Been praying, will keep on…… hard to hear this news. Jim, just got off of my knees asking God to give Dennis and Nancy that miracle.



    I have been keeping up to date on the BMT and this is just devasting. I was so hoping for a good outcome. Not just for Dennis but for all of those who need a SCT. I am terrified for my dad to go through this when it seems so brutal on you.

    I will say a prayer for Dennis and his wife, Nancy. This is just so sad. Praying for a miracle.


    This is so heart breaking. I have been following this closely and praying. My dad is going to undergo a mini sct and I am terrified also. He is going to Sloan today for his Psychiatric evaluation. I am praying for a miracle also. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t think there are any words.


    Heartbreaking news. Tell me it isn’t so. If anybody could make it, I would think it would be Dennis with his great attitude. Well, it ain’t over, and it is said prayers can make miracles. Let’s make a miracle.



    Continued prayers for Dennis and Nancy. What more can I say than to ask our Lord for his help and sustaining mercy for this family.

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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