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Did anyone get better after diagnosis?

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    Diane Lafontaine

    mk thompson, I’m in Canada so I don’t know how your medical system works. I take CBD oil which is legal in Canada and I have been told that I am in remission. all my numbers are almost all back to the normal range. maybe someone else can help you that is in the US

    Kathy Lynch

    Hi Garth, I live in California so I can get just about any dose over the counter. I have used CBD oil off and on for the last 2 years, nothing consistent.
    I am interested in the strength and how often.
    I was diagnosed a year and a half ago.
    My numbers have come up in the past week after 5 Aranesp shots which I started 2 1/2 months ago…w/c and neutrophil finally in the normal range for the fist time in over a year…my HGB is finally 10.4. My r/c count has not changed in over a year 2.79…
    I too am very achy which the docs tell me is normal ;(
    Want to start taking CBD oil on a daily basis, thanks for any help on dosage.

    Kathy Stermer

    Kathy, I can only give you my experience with CBD. I use 1,000mg bottle and take 1-2 droppers when I need it. It’s very arbitrary based on your response as it helps many and some not at all. Being in Cali you should have many choices available to you.

    Gareth Hare

    Hi Kathy. I used the highest strength available here: (100 mg/ml) and took 1ml twice a day. My doctor thought if it was going to work in treating the cause then I might as well take a high dose. Bloods have not improved so I have stopped but I certainly felt I had more energy…then that might be the 8 hr eating/ 16 hour fasting regime I have been on….will see. Interested to know about Aransep as several people have mentioned that.

    Gladys Mize

    I have been on 60,000 units of Procrit once a week for several years now. My HGB numbers haven’t gone above 9.0. Lately HGB is 6.1-8.1. I’m having to have a transfusion once a month. It seems I only need them July/August to December and then I’m good. My doctor is saying the Procrit is no longer working & wanting to try other options (chemo). I’ve tried DoTerra DDR that worked for a while & a blood booster I found on Amazon but I’m running out of options. I had thought of using CBD oil but wasn’t sure if it would help so I’m glad to see it has for some folks. I’m planning to see a holistic doctor in January for other options. My HGB is 6.1 today & I am really struggling with energy levels, it’s an effort to walk to the bathroom. thanks for sharing your stories. I wish you all the best, feel better.

    Tracy Jakusz

    Hi There! I am “unofficially” diagnosed with MDS (macrocytic anemia with blasts but no chromosomal abnormalities and platelets and WBCs are normal). Looking into holistic options and saw your posts on CBD oil. Can I ask is this with or without THC? I’m in Illinois where it’s just now legalized, but still work full time, so need to be able to function. Do you take it at night so you can be alert during the day? I’m pretty ignorant on the uses and how to take it. Also, I see CBD oil everywhere; even Walmart….. how do you know what is good quality and what is not?

    Appreciate any and all help and suggestions!

    Diane Lafontaine

    Tracy Jakusz, I take CBD oil in liquid form. it has no THC in it so you certainly can take it at any time. I take it at night. Try to find out where to buy the best quality in your area.

    Owen Maguire

    Hi Diane;
    I have just completed my 36 cycle on Vidaza and am trilineage with all readings below normal but manageable without transfusions. I have been been having trouble sleeping and have a couple of friends who had a doctor prescribe CBD oil with supposedly good results. At my Dec appointment with my oncologist I told her of my sleeping problem and proposed solution. She advised no problem without THC and consequently visited my family doctor who wrote out a prescription for medical CBD oil from and am awaiting delivery. I live just outside Calgary AB and have been re-reading yours posts relative to you CBD usage. Do you have any further advice regarding dosage and usage etc.?

    Diane Lafontaine

    Hi Owen, follow your doctor’s prescription. Aurora is a great company to get it from. I am taking 50 mg of CBD oil. no THC, it’s not needed. I take it in pill form but it’s more expensive than the liquid. Best of luck. hope you are as blessed as I am at this time. My hemoglobin has been in the normal range for the past 6 months. All my other numbers are just below normal.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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