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    Ron Schurman

    My wife was recently diagnosed with mds Dr wants to start epo injections in 2 weeks. Every 2 wk process. Anyone receiving injections now? What can we expect?

    Owen Maguire

    I was placed on Epotine-alpha in 2015 when my Hemoglobin took a dive. I have MDS Trilineage and was diagnosed in 2012. Up to that time I was on watch and wait. I am on “Eprex (Canada) 40,000 units which I self inject once a week. It has held the Hemoglobin up since that time but is still below accepted standards. Because of WBC falling in April 2015 I was placed on Vidaza and am presently in the middle of my 23 7/21 day cycle. There was a lot of discussion about stopping Eprex when I started Vidaza but it was decided to stay the course and my Hemaglobin has stayed about the same level. I have personally suffered no side effects from Eprex. With Vidaza my Platelets have moved to normal range on a few occasions and WBC gone up but still much lower than normal. Have never required a transfusion to date.

    David Williams

    Hi! I’m new here. I was diagnosed with 5q minus syndrome 5 years ago. EPO worked great for me. But I read that the effects wear off after a year or so. Instead, I decided to save the epo injections until I have I have fewer choices. Said differently, my red cell count is 2.9 and my hemo is 9.4 and feel really good so I just save my epo until i need it more than I do now.

    Anyway, I do lots of medical research and hope that some of what I have discovered will help others.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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