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Excessive Sweating and MDS

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    JoAnn Nordstrom

    Has anybody experienced or know anybody who experienced excessive sweating throughout the day with their MDS? My husband can just be sitting in his chair and become drenched because of sweating. It happens throughout the day and not just at night.


    Hi JoAnn, Some MDS patients have reported excessive sweating. It is best to let your husband’s hematologist know so that he can help determine the cause and what options he may have to help.

    Mirna Mih

    Yes,my Mum has it,but throughout the
    night..She is currently on Vidaza (5th cycle)


    My mum has it also. I am not sure what it means though.


    I also have excessive sweating. But not during resting or inactivity. But it only takes the slightest exertion to get it going. Maybe even just walking up and down the stairs. Diagnosed with MDS 6/21. But I have been watching my WBC go down since 2015. Always been the sweating type. But it definitely seems more extreme now.

    Jack Allen

    I had excessive sweating, even during the day.
    Turned out that the prolonged excess of iron had an extremely negative effect on my testes.
    All cleared up with hormone replacement (i.e testosterone).
    Simple blood test to check levels.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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