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Exjade vs Jadenu

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    Hi, Just got a call that they are looking at starting my husband on Jadenu, instead of Exjade – any comments on the use of either or both of these are welcomed. ASAP please – need info to confirm using the Jadenu

    Kathy Stermer

    My physician tells me they are the same thing. I am currently taking the generic of exjade and have been tolerating it ok. My ferritin has gone from 1600+ down to 1000 in 3 weeks. Tastes terrible and only way to thoroughly dissolve is in a small bit of hot water and then add cold mixer and slug down. I use coconut water with mine. I am also very conscious of drinking lots of fluids (90oz) following as it gets filtered through kidneys. As I’ve not had any nausea issues thus far have been taking first thing in am as needs to be on an empty stomach. Good luck


    Thanks for the input Kathy. It will take a few weeks to get confirmation from our insurance plan & the other patient plan that covers the balance. Thankful we get help to pay for this. My Hubby is still taking high doses of Curcumin, hoping to reduce the ferritin levels before he starts the Jadenu. It went from 1998 – 1766 when he first started the curcumin, but the last test was 1977. He gets it tested again on November 15th. Hopeful it will be down. He does have blood transfusions , 2 units, every 2 weeks.

    Ian Palangio

    The active drug in Exjade and Jadenu are the same. Jadenu is generally easier to take in tablet form – rather than disolving in liquid like Exjade. Jadenu is also a bit easier on your stomach with less restrictions compared to Exjade with respect to not eating near the time of Exjade. You can even take Jadenu with a small/low fat meal. From my understanding the drug equivalence is 500mg of Exjade = 360mg of Jadenu. I’ve taken both Exjade and Jadenu… and Jadenu is more straightforward to take and hence easier to be compliant.


    I take Jadenu, 1080 – 1440mg, tolerance dependent.

    I’ve found taking it at night is more tolerable as I sleep thru any GI issues and most of the sleepiness side effects. I am still groggy in the morning during the week, weekends the I get enough extra sleep to completely sleep thru the side effects (generally do the 1440 dose on the weekend too).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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