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Extremely low counts

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    My mother is in the hospital since Saturday. She has run a low grade fever for two weeks, then last Wed. her family doctor said her right lung had pneumonia and she was put on ketek. She kept getting weaker and her fever was up to 101.8 Sat. and we took her to the ER. They admitted her, her counts were as follows: WBC 2.4, platelets 4, rbc 8.4, she had transfusions of platelets and red blood 10 days prior, so the dr. is treating her with 2 different kinds of antibiotics, her chest looks normal, and the cultures grew nothing. The dr. did not give her platelets at 4, cause he said he wanted to use them when she was actively bleeding, he did give her two units of rbc’s during the night sat. Now today, her wbc is lower at 1.8, platelets at 2, and rbc at 9.4. He did decide to give her one unit of platelets and another unit of rbc. Her temp is normal. My question is–is there any kind of treatment that she could do? She did one week of vidaza, had bad reactions, and he did not let her do anymore. Her whites were at 5 at that time(in Sept) and since the vidaza they have just never came back up. We live 150 miles from Omaha where that is a center of excellence, and she cannot withstand the ride, she is really weak, anyway, we went there 2.5 years ago, and they did not give her a chance of living more than 6 months, and here it is 2.5 years later without heavy chemo. She is 77, not ready to leave this world, and it breaks my heart. Any thoughts on what she can do. Dr. says there is nothing to boost wbc…thanks, her daughter, Deb


    There is something its a shot like procrit for RBC. Is it Neuprogen, not quite sure as my husbands whites are usally high or normal.


    She might also ask about Zarnestra. My understanding is that it is on the road to approval in place of heavy chemo for older patients and that there have been some good results.. I have had almost no side effects to the maintenance dose I am taking. I think all the trials have been closed to gather final statistics to submitt for approval but she may be able to get it on a “compassionate need” basis. Suzanne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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