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Fatigue with Aranesp

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    Hello, everyone. I wonder if anyone can throw some light on my situation. I had my first-ever Aranesp shot on Monday and have been stay-in-bed exhausted yesterday and today. I wonder if the exhaustion is the Aranesp or the Vidaza I take.

    I did not have any exhaustion with the first round of Vidaza I did in August so I suspect it’s the Aranesp.

    Not sure why my doctor wanted to try Aranesp with me rather than transfusions.

    Any input on Aranesp and what I can expect from it would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    deb m

    how many rounds of Vidaza have you had? my dad has had two rounds. the first one did not exhaust him. the second made him so exhausted he stayed in bed all weekend and takes a very long nap every day now. he was scheduled to begin round 3 but they are delaying it until he gets some strength back.


    I have had two rounds so far. I thought it was the Aranesp but you’re right, it could be the Vidaza ;(


    Maybe it is in 2nd and subsequent rounds that are causing the exhaustion. I will have to watch my husband’s activity level more closely.


    My mom always experienced a pattern following her Aranesp shot. She was receiving them every other Thursday. Usually the Sunday or so after the shot would leave her feeling flu-like and without any “oomph”. She also has always has “spells” … the “whim-whams” she calls them after she eats a full meal. That may be more related to the lack of oxygen and blood flows & digestion .. full tummy pressing on heart & lungs … who knows.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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