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Frequent blood transfusions

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    My mother has recently been diagnosed with MDS. Her red and white blood cell count was very low. She’s been having injections weekly for 6 months and her white blood cells have improved alot, and her platelets (as she was getting bad bruising on her body), and is now back in the normal range – but the treatment doesn’t seem to be working for her red blood cell count. If this treatment doesn’t work her doctor has said she will need regular blood transfusions as she suffers with shortness of breath. What are the dangers to frequent blood transfusions? Aside from the Iron increase which hopefully would be kept under control. Is this something that she can live with for years to come?

    Sherry Pratt

    What type of MDS does your mother have? You can email me if you like at


    Thanks Sherry, she has MDM RAEB1.


    I have MDS-RARS,and have been on blood transfusions for years. My red cells are my problem… white cells or platelet issues so far. The iron overload from the transfusions is a problem for me,as I have iron on my heart,and was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I had been on Exjade for 6 years to hopefully control the iron overload. My hemotologist recently changed me to Jadenu for the iron overload,but it has been to recent to know if it helps.


    Thanks Lynne, it’s good to know transfusions can keep her feeling well over an extended amount of time, and it’s not very short term. Yes I am worried also about the Iron overload and what that does to the body – but hopefully the doctors will do everything they can to keep that in check. I hope that the change of drug helps you to feel better and with your heart.
    S xx

    Tamara Kairo

    87 year old father gets blood transfusions every three weeks now. He has had this MSD going on 4 years. Took a xjade a couple years ago landed him in the hospital with kidney failure. Got him better fast and he is unable to take anything for iron overload. A lot of praying going on. His last blood panel showed 4.7 for his blood level. In the next day for three pints. He is strong, walking and talking . True miracle man🙏


    Thank you Tamara, that’s good news he’s feeling better. He sounds like he’s been through the mill too and is still going strong 🙂 xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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