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fungal lung infection

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    Hello, the docs have now said my mom had pneumonia in one lung and a fungal infection in the other, there is a fungal mass in the one lung. They did a IV treatment of Amphotericin B-liposome last night, she did not get any of the reactions that she could have from that (they say bone pain and fever) They treated her just like a transfusion with Benadryl and tylenol before the treatment. Will she get over this? Is a fungal lung infection hard to get over? Her temp is pretty stable now, not getting up to 100, staying around 99. Her white count just keeps getting lower each day, it is around 1 now. Is that from the fungus? Will that count rise, or does it just not work anymore? Thanks, Deb


    Debe ~ From what I have heard about the Fungal Infection it just needs to be treated with a different type of med. My mom-in-law had/has pneumonia and the meds were not working so they check to see if it was fungal. It wasn’t but if it had been then they would need to use something different. I’m not sure about her wbc’s. Someone here may be able to answer that one for you. Hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!

    B. Greene

    It’s kind of a catch 22 situation. The low white count is probably the reason for the fungal infection and if it rises that will help get rid of the infection. Have they considered using the growth factor? Neupogen, I believe there are several. Sometimes they can’t use it if the disease is active as it also can promote the growth of the bad cells as well. The right meds will probably take care of it. While 1 isn’t great it isn’t that bad in some cases either. Hope the meds kick in soon. Barbra

    al’s wife

    My husband was hospitalized about a year ago with a fungal infection in the lung. The healing time is quite long – I want to say about a month or more. He was treated w/Voriconizol (vfend for short). As a matter of fact, he still takes 2 doses a day. Anytime your white count is low, you have a higher risk for a fungal infection.


    I had a fungal in the lung when my counts were low from chemo. I was in the hospital and they said it was quite common. They treated me too and eventually it did go away completely.I too took medication for a while. They did say the best thing for it would be for my counts to come up so my own white cells could fight it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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