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George is home

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    Hi All, Finally we are home. The treatment didn,t work, said the team of doctors. The BMB was down 28 days after the cemo showes full AML.He was told there , that he has 3 month to 1 year to live. We went today to the new hemo doctor , his prediction was even harsher.( George keep asking everybody)The good news, that at Moffett the last two days they were able to push up his hmg to 11 and the plt was a little over 100. With tx of cause.There was never this kind of numbers before. The other good news, that the today test shows, hmg 11.2 and the plt 73. His numbers never held like that before. So I am dreaming about a miracle.He can,t walk without a walker, and he needs oxigen, because of his lung infection. But, he feels much better now, eats and sleep well, and happy to be home. Thinking of you all Kate


    Kate, so glad to hear George is home. We too will pray for a miracle. Hang in there and take things one day at a time.
    God Bless,


    Hi,which type of AML George has?Maybe i can help with some informations.My boyfriend also has AML but he is doing fine after the first round of chemo and now it is doing the second.



    Wishing you and George all the best. Enjoy each other while he feels good. I will keep the prayers coming.


    Kate! I am thinking of you and George and praying with you for a miracle. You have both continue to be strong opponents for “the monster”. Keep your chin up and enjoy every day. Cathy


    Hi Kate, we’re all thinking of you two — I’m glad the numbers are hanging in. I’m sure being home will be of great comfort.

    We’ll all be hoping for the best.



    Kate, I am glad you are home and my prayers continue and i wish for the Miracle too. Hope George’s counts hang on.

    B. Greene

    Kate, I am so sorry it didn’t work. I know how hard it is to get that kind of news, makes your heart drop right down into your belly. Like you say though the good news is he is home where he can be more comfortable and glad his counts are doing well. Have you checked with your Dr. about MD Anderson’s vaccine trial. If you qualify it is working really well and no side effects. That’s all I have to offer along with our thoughts and prayers. Barbra


    Kate ~ I’m happy to hear that you all are home. I know it is hard to hear that kind of news from the doctors, but at least he is home!! That alone must make him feel a lot better. I hope that his counts will stay up for a while…Please let me know if there is anything I can do..You all are in my prayers…


    Hi Kate, I’m so glad that George is at home.WE hope that his counts stay stable for a long time.As you know ” there’s no place like home”.Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ELLIe & GLen


    Kate, Barbra made a good point about investigating the vaccine trial….I’m sure you guys are shell-shocked right now, but it would be a good thing for you and/or your doctors to check out.



    Hi Kate!!! It’s really very good news that George is at home and he is feeling better. As for the doctors prediction “He was told there , that he has 3 month to 1 year to live” well if they are so sure of it then the rest is in your heands . beyond medicine there is the power of ones self . Keep the good spirit up pray and NEVER let hope go away. George has it in himself to make it better. I’ve heard of people who seriously made their diseses better by keeping their hope and encoureging themselves . I’m talking about people who went over what the docs said and kept on fighting . although it has been a hard way for you I’m sure you will find in yourselves the power to go on fighting . We all know it’s a long way but we are all here to suport you when it gets to hard. I will continue praying for you . Alexa


    I am glad that George is home. It always seems better to get home around familiar things.
    Try to keep a positive attitude and enjoy each day as it comes to you.
    You are both in my prayers.


    Hi Kate and George,

    I’m so glad that George is finally home!! You’ve been through so much…hoping for stable counts for a long time to come!

    Thinking of you both, Jody

    ps. like Greg mentioned…ask about the vaccine if you haven’t already. smile


    Hi All, Thank you for your kind responds, and advises.Yes, Greg we are shell-shocked. I personally feel, like I am in a vacum, or bubble and life is like a movie running around the bubble, but we are not in it. Very strange and sad feeling. Yes we definetly will look in to the vaccine trial, but right now he has to get reed of his lung infection first.He really needs a lot of help and care, because his legs don,t work right, so he needs help with everything. He will start physical therapy next week. Thank you all again the support, I really need it. Kate

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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