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MDS is a blood cancer
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    Alice, George had CMML, turned to AML the end of January. I don,t have any info about AML, I didn’t have the chance yet to look in to it.He has monocytic blast, very high. It would be great to learn more about it. Thank you Kate.
    Barbara, Did you look into the vaccine trial for Ron? How is he doing? Best wishes Kate

    B. Greene

    Yes, we would have been on the ANderson vaccine last year but Ron did not have the right markers.
    We also talked about Farber’s which does not have the same requirements but also is far less successful than Anderson.

    Try to take care of yourself as you care for George. Easier said than done, I know.


    There are over seven types of AML,end each one has is own way of treatment.I will pray for you and George and i must say that i have seen here a lot of men with AML and who are holding on the treatment very keep on hoping.


    Alice, this is first I have heard of 7 types of AML. what are they and what are the characteristics that differentiate them?



    Please go to this site and it may help you understand the classification systems that are currently in use by the World Health Organization and the French-American-British System.

    Hope this helps.


    Alice, thanks. I am very familiar with those charts-especially the world heath one which is what my doctors used when I was diagnosed. But My understanding is they are classifications of MDS not AML. Some have more potential then others of transforming into AML. That is part of what the “risk score” is about”. The only type of AML I have seen is the term “Franks” AML which someone on the forum said they thought meant a very fast moving, aggressive form.



    You are right that was the wrong link. From what I can see there are 8 types of AML. Please check out this website from the UK it lists them:

    Hope this helps,
    Karen P.


    thanks, very interesting.


    {{{{{Kate & George}}}}}
    Keeping you both in my prayers and praying for a big miracle!!


Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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