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Good CBC with AML that possible?

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    Annette Cook

    My husband has had MDS for 3 years, but has been in treatment with Vidaza. Drs took him off because his blasts were looking ok. It didn’t last long. 1 dose of Dacogen sent all his numbers plummeting. A week ago he had what appeared to be a brain bleed which resulted in stroke like symptoms. In the hospital his platelet count was below dangerously low. A biopsy was ordered since iv platelets did not work. The biopsy revealed AML. They told us he had a short time to live. We got hospice and came home. Yesterday his platelets were 170,000. Hemoglobin 9.5. He looks and feels amazing. Full of life and vitality. The Drs are saying they don’t know what is going on! Has anyone been to MD Anderson for a second opinion? Please please advise! Should we ask for another biopsy? He is 70 and they say there is nothing more they can do.


    HI Annette,
    Is our husband at a Center of Excellence? My cousin has AML, had one round of chemo and has chosen to stop treatment and is also with hospice. He looks great too. His energy is pretty good. He has oxygen when necessary, sits in the chair, goes downstairs for meals. He is in a home for retired priests. It’s hard to believe it is end stage AML. The nurse said he will just get so that he sleeps more and more. I have MDS, no treatment yet and my platelets are 53,000, WBC around 1.8, RBC and hemoglobin just a little lower. Everyone is so different. I still work part time and do notice a huge difference in my energy level. I treat at a COE and my cousin is an a different COE. I wish you and your husband the best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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