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hair loss? Not due to meds.

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    Has anyone experienced hair loss from the mds, not from any meds? I am losing tons of hair in the past week or so. Is it because of the platelets dropping or what? How can I stop it? Can diet help? I was thinking of trying beets and that oil that Patty was talking about….I think it was castor oil. Any other ideas. Thank u.



    No! Not castor oil! Yick. smile The juicing recipe my MIL was using is 1 beet, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon (all 3 should be organic). Juice and mix with 1 tbls olive oil. Mom used the beet juicing to help cleanse her liver and the beets are good for red cells. She’s gotten to the point where she’s just too tired to do it anymore and when she stopped her MDS (really it’s leukemia) took off like crazy so it does help to keep the disease at least at bay a little. Juicing once a day is really inadequate when dealing with disease on a healing level. It helped keep things at bay for mom but didn’t lead towards any actual healing I think. It really needs to be at least 3 times and others will tell you even more then that. But if you juice the beets you should only do those once a day. The rest should be greens with maybe the occassional apple thrown in.

    As for the hair loss I would look at two things. Protein and good quality fats. Hair is grown/made from protein and its health is connected to the quality of fats we eat. Your best bet is to eat good, organic red meat (which will also help your hemoglobin) and either Cod Liver Oil or some other Omega 3 fish oil. Capsules won’t work. There’s not enough oil in them to make a difference (unless you’re taking 25 a day – which I actually tried once!). It would need to be a liquid.

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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