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    Hi all,
    I’m having a really bad time with headaches on and off since July. I’m wondering if anyone has any info on headaches being one of the symptoms of MDS/CMML? My primary care physician and hematologist don’t know and I did have a cat scan last fall which came up with nothing remarkable in my brain (I’m not surprised! lol). Anyway, if anyone has any input…..


    I did have severe headache but was treated by acupuncture and got very good results. Acupunturists is also a naturapathic physician, herbalist and nutritionist. Made a big difference in upping my ability to beat CMML.


    hi Cheryl,

    my dad who had AML (he passed away last oct) used to have very freqeunt headaches. But, we did not know what to do about them. I know this does not help..but i thought I would just share the inofmration with you.



    Hi Concern,
    It just dawned on me that my 25 year old son, Jason got frequent bad headaches and had AML as well. I’m seeing the same doctor that he did before he passed and will definitely bring that up. Thank you for jogging my memory on that!
    Monday I see the hemotologist; until then, I’m taking Tylenol and it doesn’t do much for the pain.

    Hope to all,


    Hi Cheryl, Could your headaches possibly come from having low blood counts? My husband has headaches quite often. I thought it might be from low blood counts. No one has ever told him what is causing them. He has ITP. COPD. & RA. as well, so it’s really hard to tell.I hope your Hemo can help you. Good luck, Ellie


    Ron has had these headaches off and on since 2/04.
    The CMML had affected his eyesight greatly, also. We’re hoping once the white count gets to near normal that the headaches and the bad eyesight might taper off.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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