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Hemoglobin numbers required for transfusion.

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    I was wondering what protocol your oncologist uses to determine if you need transfusion. Mine says no transfusion until I’m in the 7’s,and then only one bag. I get two bags if I’m in the 6’s,and the one time I was in the 5’s I got three bags. Lynne

    Kathy Stermer

    My threshold is 7 and below that I get 2 units. Mostly it’s based on symptoms of feeling the low hgb but per my doc it’s too much work on the heart when numbers get too low. It will all depend on your age, general physical condition and symptoms. Some don’t tolerate the low number well at all. I’ve found that my body has become to compensate so that I can function pretty well in the 7’s but start to feel it when I get down to the mid 6’s. It will be different for each individual. If you feel like crap you’re probably low enough to need some blood.

    Ian Palangio

    How you feel at different Hb levels will be unique to you. I’ve had low HB for a couple of years and generally tolerate it fairly well. I feel pretty lousy when I’m low 5 or high 4’s. Ideally for me I feel good and normal for everyday activity if I’m above 6. I get 3 units every 3 weeks – and I’m usually mid 5’s or 6 on average for my cross match test the day before transfusion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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