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Hernia Surgery, Low Platelets

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    I an going to see a Hernia surgeon on Thursday, I can’t put it off any longer, and can take little for pain because of platelets. My platelets have been 50-80 the last month, I think they are lower due to the pain pill I have had to take. Do they provide some kind of platelet boost for circumstances like this.I know as soon as i tell the Doc my counts he will say no deal.


    Hi Jack, Yes the Drs. usually give platelet and blood tx’s as needed when surgery is required. Your hematologist should co-ordinate with the surgeon and most likely will be approved. My husband had severe ITP with platelets at approx. 30,000 and needed a splenectomy. He was given tx of platelets and ir.and filtered blood before the surgery. He did have a double hernia surgery a few years prior to that before the dx of ITP & MDS,(only anemic). That was uneventfull but very painfull. Tip, get yourself some tie waist sweat pants. Good luck on Thursday, I hope things go well for you.
    Take care, Ellie


    Hi Jack,

    John had surgery last year with low platelets. His were 36 at the time and they did transfuse one unit. Which probably brought him up to where you are at around 80 K. They started it before the surgery. Normally, if you have 50K, they say you can have surgery and not need a transfusion. They should check your clotting time also. After surgery, they had to give John PRBCs. His HGB was 8.5 but the doc was concerned since John had some blood in his vomit and the doc did not want to take any chances. John, as usual, gets very nauseated from pain meds.

    So even if they don’t think they need to transfuse you, I would ask them to have some on hand just in case. Both platelets and red cells.

    Best of luck with the surgeon.



    Hello Jack,
    My husband also has CMML & a hernia – and the specialist said absolutely not – no surgery. My question is… if he is healthy enough to get a BMT, why can’t this be treated first? Also, I’ve noticed that you don’t list a BMT or SCT in your profile. Was it an option for you?
    Best of luck to you with your surgeon!


    Hi Jack,
    I had a hernia repair 2-3 years ago.
    Plts were in the 10,000 range. They gave me 2 bags of Irradiated/filtered plts and brought them up to 53,000.
    The surgeon would not do a laproscopsy (sp). He did the older procedure. His concern was that he might nt see a possible bleed with the newer more current laproscopic technique since he could not see the area behind the mesh after it was installed. The older technique involved a larger incesion — maybe 2″ at the most but revealed more of the area. He felt more comfortable with this process. Healing time was a little longer, but overall did not have any problems.
    The surgeon, my hemo and internist all conferred over the event.


    Hi Jack,

    How did you make out with your appointment with the surgeon? Best of luck to you!




    Hope things are going well. Keep us posted.

    Take care,


    I spoke with the surgeon today, he said it will be a little more difficult because he will be repair a hernia where I had hernia surgery 5 years ago, so there will be scar tissue to deal with. My platelets yesterday were 98 and should not be a problem, I just have to keep up the pineapple, I do tend to neglect it at times. My whites are 17, I just started my 11th cycle of Zarnestra, I guess I am some kind of record holder for it being effective.


    The hernia surgery was 3 weeks ago and it did have some complications, excessive bleeding resulted in very heavy bruising and excessive swelling of groin area, had a catheter for 2 weeks which caused a bladder infection and fever.
    All is better now, I hope to resume daily walks next week.
    I had my 11th BMB last week and the Zarnestra is still doing it’s job, I have been on it one year. My blasts in marrow have dropped from 4.8 to 1%, my platelets today were 155, highest readings since 1999. My whites stay around 20, which is a lot better than 45 when I started the trial.
    Like a lot of us, my biggest complaint is lack of energy and concentration.


    Jack, just noticed your posts. I had a double hernia, laparoscopic repair 2 1/2 years ago and had a 0.6 unit infusion of platelets (raised 40 to 66) before a colonoscopy early this year.
    I avoided catheters, barely, and was immensely swollen for a week after the hernia. I didn’t ice after the hernia surgery; I would recommend icing and anything else to reduce the swelling. I recommend any other readers facing the hernia to pursue the avoidance of swelling.
    My surgeon had done above 500 laparoscopics, so for the others whose doctors are dubious, being in a first class medical care area and having an experienced surgeon may be a consideration. The surgeon also told me that he was just able to repack the hernia and almost had to go to a full cut.
    Best wishes Henry B

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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