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High Vitamin B12 in Blood

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    Russ P.

    My hematologist had a Vitamin B12 and folic acid test run because of my complaint of numbness in my feet. The tests came back with my B12 at <2000 with top of the normal range being about 900.

    Does anyone have any ideas what this may mean? My folic acid was at the top of the normal range.
    My search of the web only told about low B12 not high.


    Our doctor told us not to worry about an elevated B12 blood level. I don’t know if a high level of folic acid should be a problem.
    I think that there is evidence that too much vitamin B6 can cause tingling and numbness in the extremities. Also, one should check for elevated blood glucose.
    You might want to Google: numbness in feet; and high B12 blood level.
    All the best, bety


    Hi Russ,

    A couple of thoughts:
    – I know only a tiny bit on this….You can high folate blood serum levels and still be “deficient” in folate. Apparently, some have genetic errors getting in the way of the body’s ability to use it. If that’s the case you can use bio-availble forms of folate. Also, you can be checked to see if you have one of the these “genetic errors”

    – If you supplement with B12, your serum levels will be higher. Your doc should check your homocystine and MMA levels. A better indication of your overall B12 status.

    You may want to post this question on this forum.

    This is a forum for Peripheral Neuropathy and the numbess in your feet can be the beginning of PN. There’s a lot people with solid B12/folate knowledge that may be able to shed some light on this. It’s worth asking there also.


    I wonder if high B12 can be caused by anemia, since your body wouldn’t be using the B12 to make RBC’s because of the MDS. Just a thought, I know iron can work that way.


    Russ P.

    Thanks to all for your postings. Saw my hemo yesterday and he thought the high B-12 could be due to my malignacy – like Zoe indicated. I’m not going to worry about it or my foot numbness as the AML is enough concern for now.
    Bless you all,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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