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high wbc

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    doctor said not to worry – which is easy for him to say – so i am asking my friends on the forum

    dad’s wbc is usually around the 3-6 range (except after the vidaza treatment)

    for the last couple of weeks it has been at 12 (he had an episode around thanksgiving where he had a severe sore throat – high fever – was hospitalized – wbc plummeted – wbc got back to normal the beginning of december – he went back on antibiotics 12/20 for 10 days (throat was sore again) has been off the antibiotics since 12/29 but his wbc has been high since 12/22
    his neutrofils % is 80 (which is high)
    his lymphocytes % is 6 (which is low)

    anyone know how worried i should be





    Hi Eve,

    Your Dad’s white count is slightly high,possibly because of his infection. I’m not sure how long it takes for the wbc’s to come down after an infection. The neutrophils are elevated possibly in response to the infection?? I’m not too sure about what would cause the lymphs to drop…how have they been running before he was sick? sorry, I’m not very’s he feeling now?

    take care, Jody



    Eve, Does your Dad’s Hemo ever look at smears on slides of his blood. Every month when we see the doctor they pull extra tube of blood to do the smears so that the doc can see any abnormal cells. In Oct when we went and Bobs whites were up to 20 (they were normal but gradullay kept going up) he looked at the smear and did see some abnormal cells and that is when he decided on another BMB and we found Bob’s blast up again in the marrow so he started the Vidaza again. He has been on antibiotics as well

    Whites do go up when you are ill and fighting off an infection I would monitor and when is your dads next visit or CBC,



    hi terri

    dad had a bmb late november – blasts were 3 – that is why i am confused about the results of the cbc
    he will have an extensive cbc on jan 20 when he goes to mt sinai – they take extra blood so that they can check his liver and see if he can take the next treatment of vidaza – i guess i will wait till then unless his weekly tests show a continued rise





    Eve, Are they looking at blood smears when they do the CBC is the Hemotologist looking for abnormal cells??? Bob starts Vidaza again tomorrow they will run the CBC and the BMP which checks his Creatinine (Kidneys) and I think the Doc is ordering His Liver levels as well. But They never tell us about Blast in the blood with the reg cbc only when we see the Doc who looks at the slides.
    I hope your dad wbc come back to norm



    I may be way off base with this, my understanding is that I should pay more attention to the # than the %. The NE,LY,MO,BA,EO make up 100% of your WBC. If one increases, something else has to decrease. If the NE% goes way up, it would make sense that the LY% would decrease. I know it does not explain what caused one to increase or decrease.
    I won’t be offended if someone says I’m wrong about looking at it this way.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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