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Husband diag. MDS during bone marrow bio.

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    Theresa Monroe

    My husband, age 70, on dialysis since March 2015, was found to have low red blood count, transfused at local hospital. Bone marrow biopsy performed and diagnosed with MSD, he does not make healthy red blood cells. They die off before they mature. Currently on Epogen 20,000 units three times per week during dialysis. Continued to require transfusions periodically. My husband is currently a patient in Banner Del Webb Hospital in Sun City West, AZ. Finding blood match becoming more difficult due to antigens. Now hematologist reports Epogen no longer working. Patient approved to try Revlimid 5mg cap once per day. The co-pay for this drug is $1,050.00. Informed by kidney doctor success rate is 10-15% with this drug. Asked if he would considered Hospice. Response was negative. Asked if he would consider in-patient re-hab to strengthen body. Response was negative. Patient requested discharge to home and is patiently waiting for Doctors to sign off. Currently Dr. Amandeep Sodhi of Surprise, AZ is conferring with Dr. Singh, hematologist and with Dr. Sharma, the kidney doctor. Dr. Sodhi mentioned Mayo Hospital.

    I see that Mayo Clinic in Phoenix is a part of your program. Please advise on your recommendation. Thank you kindly. Theresa Monroe, wife of Charles Monroe, patient.

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