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I need help

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    Hi All!
    I feel so helpless, trying to find something to help George. His plt is one. His hmg was 9.9 wbc 4.7. He got TX last Tuesday. His appetite is bad, but he got something for that, and he doesn’t really have other disconfort, than his difficulty with the walking. The doctor is very negativ, and keep scaring us every week. Anybody has any information ? Best wishes to all of youKate


    sending you and george my prayers – wish there was something i could recommend



    I am so sorry, kate. At least you can be glad he is comfortable.My thoughts are with you.


    Hi Kate, I am sorry George is having a hard time. The only things I can tell you is what my father is doing. He too is extremely weak, but he forces himself to lift 2 lb. weights while he is sitting and walks “laps” around the house (it is not a big one). Mind you, it is not exactly a “work out”, but it is for him. I am amazed that he is even doing it. I think that by him keeping mobile, it may be keeping him stronger. He is still having a difficult time right now and has been sleeping a lot, but I think it would be worse if he quit moving. When he went to the doc. on Mon. his platelets were down to 14. He’ll go again on Thurs. and could possibly have a tx. then.

    Well, I am praying for you and George. Take good care of yourself.

    Best wishes,



    Kate, I’m sorry George’s counts are so low…

    I wish there was something that would help him right now. Hoping things improve.



    I’m sorry to hear about George’s illness progressing like it is. I pray that both of you will have peace and be comfortable.


    Hi Kate,

    As all of us have experienced in one way or another, MDS is disease where things are good one week and not so good the next, they seem to be in flux most of the time. George’s appetite will improved as you said he got something to help with that. Although his counts are down now, the Dr’s will determine whether to give him a tx, I am sure that will make George feel better. As far as the Dr’s scaring you, I don’t like the sounds of that too much. I remember when my Dada was in the hospital this one Dr. giving me a prognosis only after seeing my Dad twice!

    Many Dr’s are quick to judge and simply follow the models of MDS to the detail. This is not always the appropriate line of action but I think it gives Dr’s some control over their diagnosis of the problem. In other instances, Dr’s seem to want to prepare people for the worst, I don’t think people need to hear that either. When my Dad was in the hospital I remember Dr’s asking him questions that I was shocked to hear (ie. ressuscitation). But I guess they need to that.

    Keep thinking positively. George is just going through a bad time at the moment. Try to keep his spirits up and yours to and try to enjoy being together. When the Drs want to tell you what is going to happen, just remember they are most likely derviving their prognosis from statistical information and it may not apply to George. This is a bump in the road and things will get better.

    Kind Regards,
    Karen P.


    Kate, you know, I am still new at this and I didn’t even take into consideration that George’s platelet count was so low. I am sorry. I would think that the doctor wouldn’t want him to do much. I wish I could give you some better advice….

    I agree w/ Karen P.. She is so right about thinking positively, etc.. I think the doctor’s feel that they need to inform. you, even though what they say isn’t always the way it is going to be. The power of positive thinking, faith & love can turn anything around.

    I hope that you both are having a better day today. I am praying for you.



    Thank you All for the support and care. Today we went to the cardiologist for his regular check up. He said everything looks and sounds oke. This gave us a “better day”.
    Kathryn,The doctor wanted to order him phisical teraphy, but than again because his low plt and his intens backpain, he gave up on it. George didn,t mind it at all, he is not the working out kind of guy, never was. He is comfortable now, hardly have any pain. We just scared about the low plt.My best wishes to all of you and your loved one. Kate


    Hi Kate and George,

    Glad to hear that George is comfortable. I sure hope his platelet count improves.

    thinking of you both, Jody


    hello KAte .
    It’s the first time i open the mds page after a long time and i’m sorry i have to see so bad news . Ithink the most important thing you did and still do is being next to him in this period. I do not know what to say . The best thing you can do is pray a lot . Alexa


    Hi Alexa,Thank you for your support,my heart is so heavy. It is helping to hear from my friends of this forum.How you doing, where have you been?George is comfortable now, his appetite is not that great. Just the danger of the low plt, which is hanging over our head.I hope we hear from you more often, best wishes.Kate

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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